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Best of the Cup

  Simply the Best
  Simply the BestBrazilians let their hair down. Denilson wept like a kid, Marcos prayed at the goal mouth, Ronaldo did a victory lap on his team mates' shoulders; they made a pretty picture.
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  The Cup at a Glance
  The fastest goal, the player who got a red card without getting a touch and other useful trivia of the Cup.
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  Sol Campbell
'We can't beat your history but we can beat you (Brazil)' - Sol Campbell.
Players, managers and fans shoot from the lip. More >
 Beautiful Game
  Beautiful Game 20 reasons why the Cup confirmed that Soccer is a 'Beautiful Game'.

# 1 - The supremely gifted Brazilians. Makes us believe even God is Brazilian.

# 2 - Japan and Korea. For teaching the Goliaths of soccer a lesson.

# 3 - African song. Nigeria and Cameroon were touted as the teams to watch out for; Senegal stole their thunder. More >

  Turkish Fan - Agony and

- Fan Fare

Fans at the Cup added atmosphere to the matches. Fierce nationalism was on display. Tears of joy and sorrow were shed.

  Best Goals
161 goals were scored at the Cup. Glancing headers, bicycle kicks, rasping volleys, booming free kicks stood out. More >

 Best of the Web
  A compilation of the best links on the World Cup. More >
 Soccer Shots
  Soccer Shots
What better way to celebrate soccer than guzzling beer while taking in live action at a pub? Prem Panicker and Chindu Sreedharan get drunk on soccer during the Eng v Arg match.

  All Stars
  The All-Stars FIFA announced the Stars of the Cup. Some big names lived up to their top billing while anonymous players got discovered.
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