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The Asian Games are held to develop relations among the countries in the Asian continent. The member countries and regions affiliated to the Olympic Council of Asia participate in this multi-sports event, which is second in importance only the Olympics. The Games are held every four years, two years after every Olympic Games.

Sketchy historical data traces the origin of the Asian Games to the Eastern Olympics which first took place at Manila, the Philippines, in 1913. Philippines, Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia, and Hong Kong were the participating nations. The name of the biennial event was changed to the Far East Championship, and continuously held till 1934. Two years later, it was again changed and called the Eastern Championship. These Games took place at Tokyo in 1934.

As a brainchild of Professor Guru Dutt Sondhi, with assistance from Korea, Taiwan, India, the Philippines, Burma and Ceylon, the concept of the Asian Games was formalized at New Delhi in 1949. Following agreement in 1949, the Asian Track and Field Championship was established together with the foundation of the Asian Track and Field Federation.

After the second meeting, the participating countries agreed to adopt the Asian Games Charter (which was based on the Olympic Charter), leading to establishment of the Asian Games Federation. The inaugural Asian Games were held in New Delhi, India, in 1951. Eleven countries/NOCs participated in six disciplines.

At the General Meeting of the Asian Games Federation in 1982, the participants agreed to the formation of the Olympic Council of Asia. This body has since then been the official governing body of the Asian Games.

Asian Games venues

Asian Games Year Venue
1st Asian Games 1951 New Delhi (India)
2nd Asian Games 1954 Manila (The Philippines)
3rd Asian Games 1958 Tokyo (Japan)
4th Asian Games 1962 Jakarta (Indonesia)
5th Asian Games 1966 Bangkok (Thailand)
6th Asian Games 1970 Bangkok (Thailand)
7th Asian Games 1974 Teheran (Iran)
8th Asian Games 1978 Bangkok (Thailand)
9th Asian Games 1982 New Delhi (India)
10th Asian Games 1986 Seoul (South Korea)
11th Asian Games 1990 Beijing (China)
12th Asian Games 1994 Hiroshima (Japan)
13th Asian Games 1998 Bangkok (Thailand)


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