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British footballer makes astonishing admission

Shyam Bhatia in London | March 02, 2004 21:20 IST

The British have finally laid to rest the notion that they are a sexually repressed nation.

Astonishing revelations by a leading footballer that he has been a regular participant in a practice known as "dogging" have exploded the myth that his fellow-countrymen and women are lacking in adventure when it comes to bedroom antics.

Dogging is the word that British couples use when they watch each other having sex in a countryside park or piece of open woodland. Rendezvous points are chosen via the Internet, but couples have to be careful in case they are accused of committing acts of indecency.

Former England, Liverpool and Aston Villa player Stan Collymore, who admits being a leading dogger, now says he is ashamed of his behaviour. The 33-year-old footballer has revealed in a statement that he had driven to several sites near his home where people watch each other having sex in their cars.

Collymore admitted he had also joined in during the visits, adding he had been involved in the scene for about two years.

His confession is the most startling insight into UK sexual practices since D.H. Lawrence published his controversial novel, Lady Chatterley's Lover, scripting the affair between an English aristocrat and a servant employed on her estate.

Currently employed as a football commentator Collymore now says he regrets what he did.

"What I have done is disgusting and I'm so ashamed, but I'm only human" he said in a statement released today. " I can only beg for forgiveness."

Tens of thousands of UK couples are believed to be secret doggers. They have been helped by the Internet revolution because for the first time they can now set up meetings via web sites or texting.

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