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Timberlake rips Jackson's top,
lands Super Bowl in controversy

February 02, 2004 09:39 IST
Last Updated: February 02, 2004 09:40 IST

Houston, we have a problem.

On Sunday evening, America's single biggest sporting event -- the Super Bowl -- ended with a literally last minute win for the New England Patriots and unexpected controversy.

The Super Bowl's ritual half-time show, which features some of the biggest names in show business, tumbled into a ruckus when Justin Timberlake -- Britney Spears' former and Cameron Diaz's current arm candy -- accidentally ripped co-performer Janet Jackson's top.

Exposing the lady's right breast.

Many viewers were not sure if they glimpsed what they did, but the ones who did were outraged enough to call CBS -- the event's broadcaster -- and complain.

The Super Bowl is arguably the most watched sporting -- if not the most watched -- event in America.

The 40-something Jackson and the 20-something Timberlake performed the concluding item at the half-time show, which also feature Kid Rock, Nelly and P Diddy.

CBS producers quickly cut to other scenes from the event and no one commented on the event until the network issued an apology late Sunday evening.

The show was produced by MTV, which, like CBS, is owned by Sumner Redstone's Viacom Corp.

Upset National Football League -- the Super Bowl's organizers -- executives felt it was unlikely that MTV would be asked to produce the half-time show again.

Even if it was proved to be an accident, and not part of Timberlake's act.


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