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 • Boy done good!
   Sachin Tendulkar will set himself goals, series by series, year by year, and if he achieves eighty percent of those he will stand up there with none other than Bradman and Sobers for company, says Harsha Bhogle, tracing the rise of the master batsman.

 • The best of the best
   Harsha Bhogle presents his list of Tendulkar's great innings. Why don't you too?

 • A decade of brilliance
   A photo-feature capturing that transition from boy to man, from cricketing tyro to modern great.

 • Sachin Tendulkar in facts and figures
   Mohandas Menon figures out the 'Ten' years.


 • The wonder years
    An earlier slide show of the Maestro.

 • Pros and cons - The Tendulkar debate
  Prem Panicker squares off with Arvind Lavakare

 • Sachin at Rediff
  90 minutes on the Rediff Chat.

Through pictures, statistics, and text, we give you a feel of Tendulkar's ten-year reign in international cricket.

Now it's your turn -- to celebrate, analyse, or even damn, as you see fit.

On the link below, tell us about the Tendulkar you see. Your favourite cricketing moment from his life. Your best loved anecdote about the man. Favourite quote. Your rating of Tendulkar the cricketer and captain.

Whatever you feel like talking about, is what we want to hear.

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