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A Fake Aashish!

Aashish Chowdhary discovered that someone used his photo on a matrimonial site to get proposals

Bijoy A K | September 24, 2003 12:49 IST

Aashish Chowdhary

Claim to fame: 
Model and actor. Made his Bollywood debut with Harry Baweja's Qayamat

How did you first come to know about Internet?
At the age of 17 when I started visiting my Dad's office.  I used to sit with my dad's secretary and see how she operates the office email account.  Having got a fascination for advertising, I used to explore the Internet to learn more on the subject.  In 2000-2001, I tried launching a Web site called  But the site never went online because the time was just not right.  The dot com doom had just begun.

How Net savvy are you?
I would rate myself four out of ten. But now I am determined to reach perfect ten in six months. This is after realising the potential of the Web in connecting me with my fans and audience.  I think there is no choice for stars here if they want to get constructive feedback from their audience.

What do you enjoy doing on the Net?
Downloading music and chatting with my friends.

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?
Nowadays I get online only to check my mails.  I surf twice a week for a couple of hours.

Tell us about your favourite sites for movie info, for information related to India and for chatting.

What is your favourite Web based gadget?
I have my personal computer.  I am about to purchase a laptop so that I can surf on the move.

What do you like most about the Internet?
The Web gives you the most spectacular and unbiased collection of information on any topic. Recently I watched Pirates of the Caribbean and wanted to know more about Johny Depp.  I just needed to key in the name on a search engine to get all the information I needed.

What do you hate about the Internet?
India lags behind in applying latest Internet technologies when compared to western countries. So we have to bear with a slow connection.

Anything you would want to change about the Net?
I would want the Internet to turn human and give me a head massage!  Otherwise, I think the rest is all simply perfect from the technology side.

Any strange experiences online?
One smart Alec used my photo for his profile in a matrimonial site. The Web site people told me that the guy had been getting lot of proposals after he uploaded my photograph.  Though strange, I found it really cool!

Do you ego surf?
Recently a friend of mine asked me to search for myself on the Web.  I was overwhelmed seeing a Yahoo! Group dedicated to me.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Have you chatted with strangers?
I used to have lot of girl friends on chat during those initial days of surfing, but have always kept myself away from sex chat.  I have been regularly chatting with two female Net friends from abroad since the last two years.  But these days my shooting schedules keep me busy and I restrict myself to chatting with close friends only.

What's the ring tone on your cell phone?
I don't use any these days.  When Qayamat was released, I'd put its title song as my ring tone. 

Any celebrity you would like to chat with?
I don't need Internet to chat with my Bollywood favourites these days! In Hollywood, I would love to have an online chat with Brooke Shields.

Any email id where your fans can write to you?

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