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Mallika's got mail

Rashmi Ail | May 20, 2003 17:06 IST

Waiting for the release of Khwahish, this budding young actress's inbox is full of positive feedback, mostly from young men!


Mallika Sherawat

Claim to fame:

To debut in the much publicized Khwahish, where she stars opposite Himanshu Malik.


Are you Net savvy? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

I am. I have recently discovered the mysteries of cyberspace, started surfing the Net and got a new email account. I'd give myself a 6 on 10.


What do you enjoy doing on the Net?

I enjoy surfing and collecting information related to my craft. I surf for any kind of information related to filmmaking, acting and various actresses.


What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?

Everyday, I spend at least an hour and a half online. Email helps me connect. I get a lot of fan mail and I make it a point to reply. Most of the mail I get are from young boys!


They tell me how hot I am and keep describing my assets to me. Some get very sentimental and want me to be their girlfriend. In all, it's very entertaining. I always have a good laugh. I am always polite to my fans. I thank them for the compliments, ask them to watch Khwahish, and give them the release date. A lot of women mail me saying they like my film's trailers. My inbox is full with positive feedback.


How would your favourite Web site be like?

My favourite site would be dedicated to my first film Khwahish. Actually the site is very well done: colourful, peppy and fun. You must check it out.


What are your favourite sites?

I log on to, and many other sites these days. Google is the best search engine. If you are looking for specific information, you will almost always find it through Google. It is so convenient. The other day, I was looking for information on Marilyn Monroe and it was all there.


What's your favourite Web based gadget?

The laptop. It's handy, convenient, cool and sleek.


What do you like the most about the Net?

You are so clued in, thanks to the Net. It keeps you connected and in touch with what's happening around you. There is so much information at your fingertips.


What do you hate about the Net?

Nothing. The entire online experience is so exciting and interesting, there is nothing really I dislike about it.


Anything you would want to change about the Net?

I wish the connection were faster. Sometimes it takes so long to download, especially during peak hours. That is tedious.


Have you chatted with strangers?

Yes, it was really funny. All along, this person let me believe that I was chatting with a girl, when actually he was a boy. And I was discussing girlie stuff with him. He was enjoying the prank he was pulling on me.


You know how it is, while chatting; you never know who's who! Of course, later when he confessed his gender to me, I yelled back saying, "What was the need of telling me you're a girl?" What a way to be privy to girlie talk!


Do you ego surf?

Yes. I do key in 'Mallika Sherawat' and there are so many pages dedicated to me. It does give your ego a boost. I do it especially when the director has been giving me a hard time!


Do you download music and pictures?

I download lots of pictures. I recently checked out my latest new look on the computer. I download pictures more often to send across to friends abroad than for work.


Any celebrity you would like to chat with online?

Shahrukh Khan. I like him and chatting with him would be quite interesting


If the Net did not exist...

We would be at a disadvantage.


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