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I'm no porn king!

Rashmi Ail | May 06, 2003 10:42 IST

VJ Purab complains about all the indecent mail that floods his inbox


Purab Kohli

Claim to fame:
VJ who made his debut opposite Nandita Das in Bas Yun Hi. He will be seen next in Supari.


Are you Net savvy? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

I was very computer literate as a child and learnt through trial and error. But now, I've lost touch. My Dad teaches me a thing or two about the Net. I'd give him 6 and a half on 10. My mom is very Net savvy; I'd give her 8 on 10. But nobody can beat my sister. She's the 'netwoman' of the family. I'd give her 10 on 10. Every time, she comes down from Italy she teaches me a trick or two.


What do you enjoy doing on the Net?

I can stay tuned to the lives of my friends in the United States, thanks to the Internet. I check my mail. I enjoy keeping in touch and getting connected across the globe.


What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?

Once in two weeks, I get online. I reply to each and every mail sent to me. My inbox is crammed with about 160 mails every time I open it.


How would your favourite Web site be like?

My favourite site would be something like I'm sure there must be quite a few sites based on travel. I love travelling. The only hitch is I do not have my own pictures to put on the site. I would love to put up all my adventures.


What are your favourite sites?

It has to be I am a loyalist. Or else, I'll lose my job! People do post messages, usually nice ones. I like to know what they think about my performance and my work. More often than not, they like me.


Have you brought or sold anything online?

No. My mom had bought a phone instrument from, though I don't know if she saved on the cost.


What's your favourite Web based gadget?

I've got a new computer at home. I bought it last month, but you can say it's old now since computers get old by the day. My brand new PC is batman in disguise. It's white by the day, black at night.


What do you like the most about the Net?

I love chatting. It's the best way of keeping in touch, that too at a cheap rate. Moreover, it is information on your fingertips. Internet is your connection to the world, it's like electricity on the Net. If you want to know about any subject, everyone tells you to 'go online'. It is as easy as that. Someone I know is suffering from titinus, a bizarre disease where you hear bells ringing in your eyes. I intend to go online and read up all about it.


What do you hate about the Net?

Nothing really. I am aware there are a lot of porn sites going around, and viruses floating around. But it is a free world and everybody is allowed to do what they want to online. What is irritating is that I get so much porn mail. These people are my best friends. They make me out to be some kind of porn king. I got so fed up of the mails these idiots kept sending me that I no longer use my Hotmail account regularly now. I've switched to Yahoo! now.


Anything you would want to change about the Net?

I wish we had a faster connectivity. My friend had come over from Dubai and he told me the connection is much faster there. He says pictures download in a minute there, whereas it was taking around 15 minutes on my computer. And I have a leased line.


Have you chatted with strangers?

Yes, when I was around 17. There was someone from Singapore and some other place but I have not kept in touch. I'm not interested in cybersex, so I do not get into kinky chatrooms. All I want to know is who they are and know about their countries.


Do you ego surf?

Very often.When Bas Yuh Hi got released, I typed Purab Kohli on Rediffsearch, Sify, Yahoo, Google and checked out what people had to say about the film and my performance. The reviews overall were pretty good and they seem to like me. Now, Supari is releasing in a month. I'll be going online once again in 3 weeks time.


Do you download music and images?

I have a scanner at home and I've scanned my own pictures. I send them across to friends. The Net helps my work too. I'd rather go out and buy my music rather than download it. It is definitely not worth waiting for hours for a song to download just because it's free. That mentality is cheap. If the song is not available in the Indian market, it's another issue. Moreover, I belong to the industry and do not encourage piracy.


Any strange experience online?

Once, years ago, I was curious to know how many 'Purabs' were there in the world and tried to find out online. There was another Purab around but he wasn't interested in knowing more about his namesake. He probably thought I was wasting my time, which I was actually!


Any celebrity you would like to chat with online?

Not really. I prefer chatting with people I know.


If the Net did not exist...

I would not know about it, so I would not complain.


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