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Online Overdose

Arti R | March 11, 2003 11:02 IST

Former Miss World Diana Hayden had to shut down her account after getting 150 health protection emails a day!

Diana Hayden

Claim to fame:
Crowned Miss World 1997, scheduled to make her Bollywood debut in Tehzeeb.

How Net savvy are you? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself?
I am quite Net savvy. I check email and I use MSN a lot. I am also grateful that Yahoo! exists because I use it for search. Also Encyclopaedia Britannica, which I use every time I get stuck for something.

My cousin Ryan's site for stuff like greeting cards, cartoons and jokes. In fact, he's putting up my site, but I haven't sent him any pictures, so it's stuck right now. I got a lot of email after winning the title. I even replied to about 60 of them and then got really tired. Now, there are thousands of emails I haven't replied to! I usually personally reply to all snail mail though.

I use MSN a lot to chat with close friends especially. I also used news sites to keep a track of what was happening with Indian films back home. Right now, I have been quite lazy, because my laptop needs a three-pin plug and I have been too lazy to get it!

Do you use the Net for work?
Of course. People who came to my site have got in touch with me via email and called me for many events. I have got a lot of work offers. I get my agent to follow up with them, so there's no problem with the credibility issue.

Have you ego surfed?
Of course, I have. I think it is really sweet that people who don't know you at all have sites dedicated to you. It's very touching!

I take gossip written about me with a pinch of salt. People have called me Miss Universe, made me go to events that I have not attended, with people I have never met! It doesn't bother me. I just smile that bit away.

Any strange experiences?
I have an email account where I would get 150 junk mails on health protection everyday. I had to shut that account down. I don't want to take names, but I thought that was quite bizzare.

What do you like and hate most about the Internet?
What I like about the Net is how accessible it has made the world. I can read up about anything and on any topic in the world. I'm in touch with people no matter where I am. In fact, you may not have a bed, but you can carry your email and mobile phone everywhere and stay connected!

What I hate about it is when lines get all clogged up and one can't access the Net because you are trying to surf during peak time. Everything takes ages then!

Have you ever shopped online?
I am quite scared of shopping online. The one time I booked an air ticket, I cancelled my credit card after that transaction. I still don't quite believe it is safe because one reads of credit card abuse all the time. If I like something on the Net, I use it and pay by cash like a lot of my friends do.

Anybody you would like to chat online with?
My cousin Ryan. But chatting with celebrities is not my scene at all!

If the Internet didn't exist...
Life would be so difficult.

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