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An Apple for Ishita!

Rashmi Ail | July 30, 2003 19:00 IST

This young VJ, model and actress confesses about what she really wants to own

Ishita Arun

Claim to fame:
Model, VJ
and theatre actress, Ishita recently made her debut in the low-key film Kahan Ho Tum, also starring Samir Soni and Sharman Joshi.

Are you Net savvy?
I know my way around. I use it mainly to check mail and chat.

What do you enjoy doing?
I chat with friends and use email to keep in touch. My Hotmail account gets filled with junk, which I ignore!

Can you describe your favourite site?
It should have a lot of bright colours, like pink and yellow. The homepage should be very attractive and goad you to navigate further.

What are your favourite sites?
Google, and Yahoo! I love sending and receiving greetings, so I visit frequently.

What do you like the most about the Net?
The fact that you can connect with people who stay miles away.

What do you hate about it?
I hate it when a site takes time to download. Also, the problem of information overload. The Net is a boon if you want good information but porn sites and viruses are the downside. I wish there was strict regulation to stop this malaise worldwide.

Anything you would want to change about it?
I guess if the Net were wireless, it would appeal to more people. I wish it were a one-stop shop for everything. If I could change anything, it would be to make the Net more user-friendly, so that even a layman would be able to access it as easily as someone tech-savvy.

Have you chatted with strangers?
I only chat with friends. The concept of chatting with a stranger is weird. I would not chat with a stranger unless I was terribly attracted to him.

Do you ego surf?
My father does that. You type 'Ishita Arun' and a thousand pages come up. The stuff written about me is pretty interesting. Also, people can post messages on, which is reviewed from time to time.

Do you download music and pictures?
No, I'd rather go out and watch a movie than download it.

Any celebrity you would like to chat with online?
I'd rather talk to them in person.

What is your favourite Web-based gadget?
The new Apple computers are really sleek. They would be my favourite!

Have you brought or sold anything online?
I wanted to buy a book and I registered on an American site,, but my card didn't get through. I'll be trying it again.

If the Net did not exist...
We would be handicapped, definitely.


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