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Stars in her eyes

Arti R | July 08, 2003 11:43 IST

Divya Palat is a big believer in astrology


Name: Divya Palat


Claim to fame: A guest appearance in Kuch Na Kaho with Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai (Rohan Sippy's directorial debut) and the other is Balaji's new film with Sohail Khan. She has also signed Lawrence D'Souza's new film with Milind Soman.


How net savvy are you? What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

I love the Net. It is my source of entertainment, education and research. I'd say I'm extremely Net savvy and I'd rate myself a nine!


What do you enjoy doing on the Internet?

I keep in touch with all my friends at Stanford University (where I study). I read tonnes of plays. I also read up on the latest astrology forecasts! I'm a BIG believer!


What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend online?

My daily routine is hectic and variable. I usually shoot through the days and return rather late at night. However, I always manage to spend some time (approximately an hour) on the Net to go through my mail and chat with a few friends. Nowadays, since I'm trying to produce a play, I spend a fair amount of time going through set designs for it.


Your idea of a perfect Web site?

One with graphics that load quickly. I love sites that get straight to the point. I hate the ones where you have to go through numerous boring links just to get to the page you are actually looking for.


Any bookmarks?, for great tarot predictions, and - it is comprehensive and filled with useful news.


Something you would like to buy or sell online?

I love buying plays, books or games online but there's nothing I'd really like to sell online.


Favourite Web based gadget?

My Web cam and my headphone set. Makes communication so easy!


What do you like most about the Internet?

The amount of information I can get with just a click of the mouse!


What do you hate about the Internet?

The annoying pop-up ads, forwarded emails and offers promising you one million dollars!


Have you ever chatted with strangers? Did you tell them who you were?

Well I have chatted with strangers on celebrity chats and there they obviously did know who I was. Other than that, well some people message me on my MSN some who are complete strangers to me. They know who I am, know what movies I am working on, shows I am compering and even movies that I am slated to sign. But they are remain strangers to me!


Any strange experiences?

Yup! When people know more about my life than I know!


One celebrity you would like to chat online with?

Julia Roberts.


If you could change something about the Internet, what would it be?

I would not allow ads. I would also have a filter that keeps all offers out of even my junk mail.


Something you are keen to try online - trade stocks, download MP3s etc?

I am keen to see more casting agencies set up online. I wish our industry were more computer savvy. Make-up men, artists, crews could then all be contacted via email. Resources would be available to a talent-seeker much easier if he were more Net savvy.


If the Internet didn't exist, you would be...

Out of touch with my friends!



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