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What did you look like when you were a baby?

Vidya Srinivasa Rao | August 16, 2003 11:43 IST

The massive MSBlast virus attack a couple of days ago has reminded and convinced us the importance of safe surfing. If you are looking for more information and help on Net safety, has helpful hints on basic protection. The security tips section helps you learn about choosing passwords, antivirus software, downloading patches and working behind firewalls.

There is also a list of links to other security sites that computer users can visit. The cyber security quiz helps finding out how safe you are being online. This site answers your questions about safe surfing clearly and concisely.

Yummy Fun
Food author Clare Crepso welcomes us into her crazy kitchen, where the daily act of preparing fare is transformed into a weird and funny creative adventure.

Chill out in her fridge with a bunch of monkey pops or take a peek in her recipe box for goodies like anatomical heart cookies (great for Valentine's Day!), firecracker cupcakes, and a mint green pond pie. You can bake a wardrobe full of pant and shirt cakes or play tricks with your magic wand. These quirky recipes, ideal for children's birthdays and fun parties, will bring out the kid in anyone.

Day by Day
Chris Muir's daily comic strip is set in a fairly typical tech company and makes fun of office politics. Starring world-weary engineer Sam, easygoing product designer Zed, intense marketing executive Jan, and conservative software coder Damon, the comic is a study of how the characters rub each other the wrong way. While the women (Sam and Jan) battle some perceptions of the men (Zed and Damon), the youngsters (Jan and Damon) make the 40-year-olds (Sam and Zed) feel even older. Here's a little something to annoy or amuse everyone, every day.

When I Was Little
Many times it's the simplest idea that results in the most compelling and fascinating Web sites. This 'baby picture project' is one such initiative. Everyone is invited to send in a baby picture of themselves along with a current photo. The pictures are then placed side by side, allowing you to see how a person has grown and aged through the years. Many folks haven't changed 
much over time, while others are hardly recognizable as adults. Want to get in on the photographic fun? Feel free to send in baby and adult photos accompanied by descriptions. As you navigate through the chubby cheeks and long hair, you're sure to find a smile creeping across your face.

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