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'I would survive'

Arti R | April 08, 2003 10:50 IST

Indian cricket's woman of the moment says she's not an Internet addict

Mandira Bedi

Claim to fame:
TV and film actress. Currently, the Indian cricket world's pinup.

How Net savvy are you? How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?
I am quite Net savvy. I go through my phases. I usually check my mail once or twice a day and use MSN messenger quite a bit to chat with friends abroad. I haven't been online much over the past two months in South Africa, though I wish I had because it would have been easier on my cell phone bills. At one point, I used to email my parents and brother regularly. Now, I just pick up the phone.

Do you and your husband fight over the computer?
No, we don't. He has two PCs in the office, which is below my house. I also have a PC in my room, but I prefer working in his office as it is hooked to broadband. He is quite Net savvy so, when I need to download something, he does it for me.

What have you recently been using the Net for?
To have my scripts or larger contracts emailed. For the rest, people usually call or SMS. Before I went to South Africa, I used it to do all my homework. I would go online religiously for two hours daily and check everything from
to Rediff. My favourite site for cricket is though. It has loads of statistics, ball-by-ball information, scorecards and more. I used Yahoo and Google a lot too, for their searching facilities.

What do you think of the cricket-related information online?
I think it's very good. There isn't really much about newer teams like Bangladesh or Kenya though, but that, I think, is a vicious cycle.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?
It has to be very user friendly. I loved visiting sites on Harry Potter after reading the books. It was a little childish, but a lot of fun. Similarly, when the Blair Witch Project was out, I went online to find out if it was real or just a movie. That site kept me entranced for a long time.

Have you ever been ego-surfing?
Not recently, but I think I should. I did around six months ago, and found a lot of articles and pictures about myself. It doesn't freak me out, nor is it loads of fun. I am neutral about it.

What is your favourite Web-based gadget?
A laptop. I think it's about time I bought myself one. I do have a Nokia Communicator, but I don't have the patience to use its email and Net facilities.

What do you like most about the Internet?
I like the fact that everything is available online - all kinds of information.

What do you hate about it?
I hate it when a page has expired or slow connections prevent me from accessing a particular site.

Have you ever chatted with strangers online?
I was tempted to when I downloaded ICQ
a year or two ago. But those conversations only lasted around 3 minutes. I haven't met anyone on the same wavelength as I am, online.

One celebrity you would like to chat online with?
Amitabh Bachchan. I would prefer chatting with him in person but, till that happens, the Net will do.

If you could change something about the Internet, what would it be?
I hate the advertisements online. There are too many of them and they irritate me. Sometimes, when people try different combinations and send me junk mail, that's not funny either. At times, you open what looks like legitimate email and it turns out to be spam from a porn site. That really bugs me and, no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to block those messages.

If the Internet didn't exist, you would be...
Okay. I am neither dependent nor addicted. So, I would survive.

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