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Sens on the Net

Arti R | April 01, 2003 13:19 IST

Actress Sushmita Sen and musician Palash Sen talk about ego surfing and spam

Claim to fame:
Sushmita Sen was Miss Universe 1994 and is currently an actress.
Palash Sen is a lead singer with Euphoria and acted with Sush in Filhaal.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself?
Sushmita Sen: Eight. I'm pretty Net savvy. My surfing time is precious. Earlier I used to be on the Net pretty often. But lately my busy shooting schedule doesn't permit me to. I normally make it a point to at least check my mail every two days and I do chat with close friends when I'm free. And yes, downloading music is also a favourite.

Palash Sen: I am quite Net savvy. In fact, as a band we were among the first people to set up a site as early as 1998. I get online to check email on my Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts. I reply to each of my fan mails personally. Our forum board is quite active so we chat about anything and everything: from music to the war in Iraq to extramarital sex and rock and roll! I think feedback for a musician is very important. Via the Net we get a lot of feedback about what we are doing right and wrong. What I find strange though is that when people criticize, they never give you the correct email ID. So you can't really explain your point of view as to why you did a particular song in a particular fashion.

What is the best thing about the Net?
Sushmita Sen: Everything about the Net is wonderful.
Palash Sen: Everybody is connected and so accessible. We've sold a lot of our CDs online. We have snatches of our songs available on the site so people can listen to and appreciate our music.

What do you hate about the Internet?
Sushmita Sen: Spam mail. I hate unnecessary forwards. Thankfully my friends don't send me any.
Palash Sen: Spam mail. Out of 130 emails everyday on hotmail, 90 are junk! Selling me riches and pornography… just deleting them tires me out.

Have you ever gone ego surfing?
Sushmita Sen: You mean check out pages related to me? Not really. Who has the time to do all that? Whenever I log on I do make it a point mostly to check out issues related to current affairs. Sometimes, I check out film sites if a friend sends me the URL. But no, ego surfing is not my idea of fun.

Palash Sen: Yes, and I quite enjoy it. I think it's a lot of fun. And it's nice to read anything about yourself, good or bad. Though I don't really take it too seriously.

On an average, how much time do you spend on the Net?
Sushmita Sen: Earlier I was hooked to the Net. I used to touch up my pictures on the computer and send them to friends. I would change colours, the design and stuff like that. I have done it for a couple of friends too. And then I used to chat with my friends abroad. Today, it all depends on my shooting schedules. I have not yet traded stocks and stuff but I have downloaded MP3s. Must try out this stock trading some time.

Palash Sen: I usually spend about two hours online. Since we also get a lot of our email for concerts and enquiries for doing shows via the Net, it's very important to stay connected. But I haven't had the time to check out new music or new artists on the Net on sites like etc. I wish I did have the time.

If the Internet didn't exist, you would be…
Sushmita Sen: Utterly lost.
Palash Sen: Disconnected

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