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[Celebrity Surfing with Milind Soman][Celebrity Surfing with Milind Soman]

   Arti R

The name is:
Milind Soman

Claim to fame:
Model, television and film actor. Credits include Tarkeib and the upcoming 16 December.

How net savvy are you?
I am not very Net savvy. But that is out of choice. For me, the Internet is not a medium for entertainment or connecting with friends and family. I use my email and search engines to help in my production work and keep in touch with business contacts. I don't even have a Web mail ID. The one that VSNL has provided me with works fine for me.

I can't imagine people getting addicted to the Internet, surfing aimlessly and chatting with strangers for hours. I think it's just escapism. As for me, using a laptop gives me a headache, so I don't usually carry one. But, yes, if I were travelling, I would definitely like to have one.

How often do you surf?
I check mail everyday and spend a few hours online on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Rediff, if I am researching a film. But I don't reply to my emails personally. I have people in my office do that for me, because I hate typing. It tests my patience... So I usually dictate my answers.

Have you ever been ego surfing?
No, I haven't. But people tell me there are lots of pictures and information available on fan sites. Personally, I find this whole bit about downloading screen savers of your favourite star and sending him emails quite strange.

Amusing sometimes, but still very strange. In fact, I very rarely even read my fan mails completely or reply to them. It's flattering but just eats into my surfing time.

What do you hate or like most about the Internet?
I like the amount of information available on the Net. For me, the Net is just like a dictionary which I can refer to anytime which I find very convenient.

I don't hate anything about it... I think the Internet is a great invention. Most inventions have been misused. It's up to the users what they would like to do with it.

Would you like to buy anything over the Internet?
I have bought airline tickets, which is very convenient. For books, banking and the rest, I prefer using SMS to order than wait for a few days to have them delivered.

I've also seen a lot of friends download music. Though, I believe, it does affect the music industry... So I am not very keen to try it.

Any Web based gadget you would like to own?
An MP3 player. So that I can listen to music while I jog without the tracks skipping.

If you could change something about the Internet what would it be?
It's still relatively inaccessible because of the cost. I would like to see it become available to everyone, irrespective of class.

Whom would you like to chat with online?
I don't think I would like to chat with strangers. I hardly have time to chat with people in my life and spend time with them. To chat with strangers and spend hours in the global village is not really my idea of fun.

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