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[Celebrity Surfing with Rahul Khanna][Celebrity Surfing with Rahul Khanna]

   Rashmi Ail

The name is:
Rahul Khanna

Claim to fame:
Television host and VJ, turned actor in 1947: Earth.

How net savvy are you?
I consider myself very Net savvy. But I don't know my way around stuff like HTML, telnet and firewalls. So, I'd give myself a 9.

What do you enjoy doing on the Internet?
Email, surfing and chatting with friends.

What is your daily routine like? How much time do you spend on line?
I'm a total Net junkie. I start my day off by checking email and replying. I log on several times a day to check for new mail and to do research on the Net. Before going to sleep, I chat with friends who live overseas. When I'm travelling, I log on from airport lounges.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?
Well designed, easy to navigate and fast to load. I hate those graphic-heavy sites that take ages to load.

[Celebrity Surfing with Rahul Khanna] What are your favourite bookmarks?
I have a lot of Indian news sites bookmarked as well as my favourite international radio stations for music. I've also bookmarked the Internet Movie Database for quick info on films, directors and actors.

Have you ever been ego-surfing?
Yes. I've done a few searches with my name to see what comes up. I've also just acquired my domain name and will be developing my own Web site soon.

Have you bought anything online?
I don't like going to shops so online shopping is a great boon. I buy tons of stuff online. Software, vitamins, music, exercise equipment, toiletries. When I lived in New York, I'd even order my groceries online!

Your favourite Net gadget…
I'm extremely jealous of this friend of mine who has a wireless modem on his laptop. I want one badly, unfortunately India doesn't have the infrastructure for that system. I also lust for the new Apple Titanium Powerbooks.

What do you like the most about the Internet?
I love the immediate access to information. Whatever you need is a mouse-click away. Last year I was driving myself around Los Angeles and found a great Web site MapQuest where I could download maps and detailed directions to and from any address. It was amazing and I never got lost.

What do you hate about the Internet?

Have you ever chatted with strangers?
No, I don't chat with strangers.

Any strange experience?
At a party, I once met a guy who has the same name as me and that's his hotmail address. He told me he gets a lot of my fan mail.

Is there any one celebrity you would love to chat with?
Steve Jobs of Apple. I think he's a genius and I'd like to know what developments he predicts for the Internet over the next two decades.

If you could change something about the Internet what would it be?
It's still relatively inaccessible because of the cost. I would like to see it become available to everyone, irrespective of class.

Is there something you are keen to do online?
Yes, I would like to learn how to trade stocks. I would also like to learn how to build Web pages.

If the Internet didn't exist, you would...
...suffer major withdrawal symptoms!

[Pic: Colston Julian, Shirt: Savio Jon]

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