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[John Abraham prefers reality cold][John Abraham prefers reality cold]

   Nidhi Taparia

The name is
John Abraham

Claim to fame
Winner of Gladrags Manhunt. Will be seen debuting in Rahul Rawail's Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

How Net-savvy are you?
I would give myself a five. I am fairly Net savvy. When I worked as a media planner in Enterprise Nexus all my work was done on the PC. That was when I got hooked to the Internet. I would chat away on ICQ and MIRC with 20 people at a time. I remember chatting with a Russian about communism and having a huge fight over it. That was a phase I soon grew out of.

What surprised me was how a friend almost got engaged to a Malaysian girl he had met online. Today this might be fairly routine. But I have often wondered how people fall so easily in love online without even meeting the person. I don't think I am capable of that because I believe there is no honesty on the Internet. Anybody can give you a sob story and you could fall for it. I prefer cold reality, not a virtual one!

How often do you surf?
My surfing time is very erratic because I travel a lot. But I usually surf from airports or even my friends' PCs. I hate the whole rigmarole of getting connected. It's usually my brother or my friends who do that for me.

I check mail on Yahoo! or use my digiphone to make international calls at local rates via the Internet.

What do you like or hate most about the Internet?
I like the fact that I can stay connected with my friends and family, especially those living abroad.

What worries me about the Internet is that it is uncensored and kids can have easy access to pornography and information not meant for them.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?
As a surfer my idea would probably be a Web site that has all kinds of information about bikes. Where I could buy different bike accessories and have them shipped without any hassles. Even a site with different kinds of music would work for me.

I did get working on a Web site for myself. However, that hasn't proceeded beyond the index page because of my erratic schedules.

Do you go ego surfing, checking out pages or sites devoted to you?
Yes, once with a couple of friends who egged me on to check out myself. I was stunned by the detailed info on the fan pages… my favourite colour or an incident in school that I had narrated. Of course, it was a huge compliment but I was quite unnerved!

What's your favourite Web based gadget?
A CD writer and an MP3 player. I have downloaded some music via Audio Galaxy but I haven't really found all the rock ballads and soft rock music I have been looking for. Not everything is easily available online and that is a pity!

Have you bought or sold anything online?
I am crazy about my bike. I surfed the Net for bike accessories and even found some in an online store based in Dallas. I was very tempted to buy them online but that niggling fear about credit card misuse stayed at the back of my mind. I am not convinced that the whole mechanism is foolproof, so I didn't shop.

Whom would you like to chat with online?
I would prefer to chat with regular people to find out what they think about celebrities and understand their perceptions of life. As for interesting women, I would prefer to chat with them in person, not on the Net!

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