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My belongings will be auctioned online

   Rashmi Ail

The name is
Celina Jaitley

Claim to fame
Femina Miss India 2001 and Miss Universe 4th runner-up. Slated to star in Feroze Khan's Janasheen along with Fardeen Khan.

How Net-savvy are you?:
I use the net a lot. So I'd rate myself at 6.

How often do you surf?:
Whenever I am not shooting, I'm on the Net. So much of my work gets done online.

It's like office for me. I'm very net savvy.

Celina Jaitely My daily routine includes chatting with friends for 3-4 hours. I also spend an hour on email. And now that Iím in the movies, I check out how a particular film is doing, or look for information on directors and producers. I surf a lot of Hollywood sites and am also into parapsychology.

What do you like most about the Internet?:
The Net as a medium is used both, constructively and destructively. I like the fact that so much information is available at the tip of your fingers, at the click of a mouse. You can get anything you want without having to open a directory. Itís fantastic. I also like sites about me.

What do you hate most about the Internet?:
I detest junk mail and porn sites. I once received 250 weird mails. Also, if you are a celebrity, people mess with your pictures. They attach other bits and pieces to your snaps. I just hate that. Itís tantamount to messing with peopleís lives.

Which are your favourite Web sites?
My favourites would be those based on parapsychology, such as Area55 and the University of Pennsylvania. I visit these sites very often, and have even posted a few articles to Dr Higginsí site.

Celina Jaitely Do you ever indulge in ego surfing?:
Of course, I do! I did a market survey based on the sites dedicated to me. I just typed my name into a search engine one day, and bingo, there were around 395 sites available. I was really surprised. It can really take you on an ego trip. On Yahoo, there were around 2000 sites that had my name.

Do you have any favourite Web-based gadgets?::
My favourite would be my Web Cam. Also, my speaker phone is like an extended sense of mine, because itís the cheapest and best way to communicate with friends all over the world. I'd also love to own a laptop. But the kind of person I am, I'd probably leave it behind on the plane. So Iím sticking to the regular computer.

Celina Jaitely Have you ever bought or sold anything online?:
Not yet, but very soon some of my personal belongings will be auctioned online. Part of the money accumulated will go to charity, and part of it will be my commission. It will also work as a publicity gimmick.

Have you ever chatted with a stranger?:
I did once, but it wasn't a good experience at all. That stranger actually landed up in Kolkata and was all set to prove how much he loved me and how well he could take care of me. He was totally convinced that he had found what he was looking for. But I wasn't, considering he was 35 and I was half his age.

When the guy landed at my doorstep, we had a hard time getting rid of him. My dad got involved, and the police had to intervene and explain to him that he should not be troubling a minor. My father then told me that the next time I chat with a stranger, I should deal with the situation myself. Since then, I've never chatted with anyone I donít know.

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