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[Celebrity Surfing with Isha Koppikar][Celebrity Surfing with Isha Koppikar]

   Arti R

The name is:
Isha Koppikar

Claim to fame:
Model and Actress in films like Aamdani Athanni, Kharcha Rupaiya, Fiza and Company.

How net savvy are you?
I am fairly Net savvy. But I don't surf the Net much. I only chat with friends and family, check email and use search engines when I am looking for stuff. I usually enter a local chat room and since I know the nicknames of most of my friends, I can very easily chat with them. My favourite activity is usually to forward a lot of jokes and one liners that I have read...

The Net is all about entertainment, just like the movies... A good 'timepass'.

How often do you surf?
I am not very regular, but I check my mail on Yahoo! frequently and if I have the time, I get onto MSN and chat with friends all over the world. In fact, when Dialpad.com was free, my brother used to help me actually voice chat with them via PC-to-PC calls. I am really looking forward to using it again.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?
I am a huge foodie. And as a connoisseur I love looking for recipes of the specialty of a place I am travelling to. I also like to find out which restaurants I could sample this specialty. My idea of a perfect Web site would definitely have to be something to do with food. It should also be very visually rich -- multimedia enabled, a lot of flash and sound so that it can appeal to all my senses!

Have you been ego surfing?
Yes, I have. I have found a lot of my interviews and screensavers online. I like to find out what people think about me and the work I am doing. But I am sometimes taken aback by the explicit and weird messages people leave on message boards.

What do you hate or like most about the Internet?
What I like is that I can use Net telephony and chat with my friends all over the world. The Net is a boon to cut down on my telephone bills!

What I hate about is that my favourite Sunday morning routine of surfing the Net gets disrupted because of slow download speeds and terrible connectivity. Even the pictures of nude bodies morphed with faces of actresses is a huge turn off. That worries me -- but I shrug it off thinking that every medium gets abused. The Internet cannot be an exception.

Have you bought or sold anything online?
My brother helped me sell my Allegro exercise bike on Bazee.com in a matter of a few months for much more money than I expected. I was quite excited, because I had wanted to get rid of the bike for sometime.

When I am abroad I usually order my air tickets online. That is extremely convenient.

A Web-based gadget, you would like to own?
A laptop so I can get online more frequently.

Whom would you like to chat with online?
I would love to chat with Aamir Khan. I think very highly of his work. Despite the fact that we are in the same industry, I would like to chat with him just as a fan, without him knowing who I am, what I look like...

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