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What is Telnet? [Ask Dr. Know]
  What is Telnet and
  where can I learn how to use it?
  -- Rahul

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Telnet is actually an old concept that is still used extensively. It enables you to log on to a remote computer and perform various functions. For example, by using Telnet, you can log into your mail account from another machine and carry out different activities such as editing and processing.

For instance, if you are logged on to rahul.net and you want a file on another machine called sanjay.net, you can use a Telnet program to connect from your server to the other one.


There are numerous resources that can give you a more comprehensive idea of Telnet and help you find out how exactly it works. If you want a technical explanation, you can find it here.

Webreference has a two-part feature and this beginners guide can help you understand and use Telnet. This FAQ section answers questions like what you can use this application for and how to configure Telnet software.

Also, find out how you can initiate a Telnet session and use Telnet commands from your computer.

Ehow has a section on how to choose a Telnet program, connect to a remote computer and transfer a file using hyperterminal. You will need to register to access this information though.

A large number of Telnet sites were accessible before the World Wide Web became popular and you can find a listing in the Hytelnet Archives. A listing of Telnet accessible bulletin board systems is also available here.

You can get free software from sites that offer shareware and freeware, like Dave Central and Channel 1.

Now that you have learnt how to use Telnet, Rahul, go ahead and make the right connections.

You can also use RediffSearch to find more information Telnet.

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