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How can I get rid of unwanted mail? [Ask Dr. Know]
  How can I avoid junk
  and unwanted email?
  -- Prakash Jog

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If you have an email ID and have been using the Internet for even a day, Prakash, you may have received a message like, 'Win a fee trip to the Bahamas, just click here to register and claim your prize.' Or 'A brand new magical diet will help you shed 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Click here to register for a trial.'

If winning were as easy, we would all be in the Bahamas sipping Martinis by the beach. The reality is that spammers entice surfers by using hooks like these, to get them to register and collect their email addresses.


So, what is spam? It can be defined, broadly, as using newsgroups and email addresses as a broadcast medium, without the approval of recipients or members or the newsgroup. Spam also happens to be a kind of spiced meat that supposedly tastes like cat food and is a registered trademark of the Hormel Corporation. The use of the word in this case probably came up on account of someone's low esteem for the product.

A comprehensive FAQ on spam is available here. As for avoiding junk mail, a combination of actions that can help include removing yourself from lists, reporting cases and also setting filters in your mailbox.

Have a look at this list of 12 scams that might arrive in your mailbox, compiled by the Federal Trade Commission. The Scam Busters page also has heaps of links on how to recognise spam and resources on how to stop it. There is also Spam Cop which helps you report spam, and secure white-list filters that prevent it from reaching your inbox. If you want to understand spammers and beat them at their own game, this link should help, along with this list of resources.

You can also use RediffSearch to find more information on spam and junk mail.

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