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[Bhatt for the Internet!][Bhatt for the Internet!]

   Vivek Fernandes

The name is:
Hrishitaa Bhatt

Claim to fame:
Asoka with Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena. Also starring with Abhishek Bachchan in Shararat.

How Net-savvy are you?
I'd give myself a 4. I'm not too tech-savvy but, if this involves how well one surfs, I'd give myself a 10 on 10.

How often do you surf?
I don't get online very often because my schedule makes it difficult. Also, even when surfing is possible while on a shoot, I rarely find the time. Once I do log on though, I spend a good two to three hours surfing. When I finally get myself a laptop, I ought to be online 24 hours a day (laughs).

What do you use the Internet for?
I'm still studying, so I use it primarily for college assignments and projects. I'm not into chatting, and prefer Instant Messengers to public chat rooms. I also love music a lot, and would download a lot of tracks earlier.

Your favourite hangouts on the Internet?
I frequent rediff regularly, and was a complete google fan. Yahoo! has some interesting stuff, too.

Have you bought or sold anything online?
No, I haven't. I don't think I'd be inclined to either, though I have no particular reason for not doing so.

Do you go ego surfing, checking out pages or sites devoted to you?
My friends send me links if they find articles featuring me on some Web site somewhere. At other times, I take a look, too.

A celebrity you would love to chat with, online?:
God. Or Steven Spielberg. Also, my favourite actor, Robert De Niro. I'd love to discuss acting with him.

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