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   Rohini Iyer

The name is:

Claim to fame:
My first film, Baaghi, and over forty films down South.

How Net-savvy are you?:
I would give myself a 7. I'm not an expert but I'm pretty Net savvy.

How often do you surf?:
I surf a lot on days when I'm free. That's when I can spend hours online. At other times, I use it just to email or chat with friends on ICQ. I'm bored of chatting now though, and find it rather tedious. I'd rather pick up the phone and talk to friends than chat online. There are times when I have chatted with absolute strangers, too, without them realising it's Nagma, the actress, they're chatting with.

What do you like best about the Web?:
Nothing. I think it's perfect as it is.

Your idea of a perfect Web site?:
I would rate google as my favourite. It's a perfect search engine. Apart from that, I use hotmail and yahoo! for their email services.

Do you go ego surfing, checking out pages or sites devoted to you?:
I haven't heard that word before (smiles). No, I don't have that big an ego. I'd rather spend that time doing something constructive online.

Have you bought or sold anything online?:
Never. I keep saying I should try it once, but don't get around to doing it.

Whom would you like to chat with online?:
Brad Pitt! Definitely Brad Pitt!

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