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    Shirley Singh

Taking off from where we left you in Part I, Gorp is an exhaustive site on the do's and don'ts of backpacking. Get travel primers on biking, hiking, diving, climbing, or paddling. If it is paddling that interests you, for example, find out about the perfect strokes, choosing the right hull, a cure for 'boater's bum', custom-designing your kayak, etc. Users can also meet gear experts online and interact with other backpackers at the site's forum.

For wildlife travellers, Backpacker would be a good pace to hangout. Slated as the 'website of wilderness travel', this portal offers hard-core tips on backpacking gear (gear finder, dictionary, repairs), destinations (weekends, wilderness), technique (things like staple diet for high energy, or food for diabetic trekkers), choosing a good sleeping bag and loads more. 'Travelling light in the backcountry is more fun', according to Backpacking which, living up to its motto, provides valuable insights on lightweight backpacking gear.

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Tiny Tips

Tips 4 Trips is simple and effective. It tells you how, for instance, you should try using wet towels or paper to breathe if the air gets too dry in an airplane. For more tips, checklists, etc. try Free Travel Tips.

Getting Around

Let airfare not be a reason to ruin your next vacation. Air Hitch is an online 'waiting list' for air tickets within Europe, North America and a few other regions. Users can buy tickets at low prices to their desired destinations by waiting for a few hours before the scheduled departure of their flight. The entire procedure, however, depends on the availability of seats. Sure, the system requires you to be super-flexible in terms of your air travel plans, but it is still a great bargain.

You can also plan your air travel like a pro, with the help of Air Travel Centre. Apart from the regulars, users can also have a look at worldwide airfare and flight details, along with info on how to 'develop a travel strategy to lower the cost' or, say, 'book spontaneous or last minute travel quickly'. If your looking for travel related info on Europe alone, Eurail would be a good choice. The site has details on Eurail tickets, passes, train information, and discounts available.

First 48 makes travel and accommodation arrangements for the first two days of your arrival in any city. Their services are, however, currently limited to New Delhi, Mumbai, Kathmandu, Cairo and Turkey. Once you you're more familiar with the place, you can proceed on your own.

Additional Resources

Currency Converter
An online currency-converting calculator.

Thomas Cook - Currency Online
A simple currency conversion calculator with rates
updated at least once a day.

Temperature Chart
Calculate or convert the temperature of various cities
with this online temperature guide.

An online translation guide.

Expedia Maps
An online world atlas.

Maps Of India
Useful for those travelling to or within India.

For customised weather reports.

Weather Network
Offers a city-based search of weather forecasts.

Planet Holiday
A list of hotel discounts offered in South East Asia.

Asia Hotels
Hotel-booking site for those travelling within Asia.

Lonely Planet
Get a list of links to the world's best travel sites.

Travel Preparation
List of sites offering tips on pre-travel preparation.

1000 Travel Tips
Offers small but important travel tips.

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