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Feedback  |  May 4, 2001     

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  How do I study in the US?
         - Raghu More


Good question Raghu. But the answer is long: One year and four months to be precise.

Since you ask in the beginning of May, it will only be in August next year that you will be set to leave.

Summers are always a beginning of something. Even in my rainforest home where mundane seasons mark time instead of college terms and cricket seasons.

Unites States of America. Hmm. Raghu, I just hope this dream is not another product that Hollywood sells. Why only the United States? You could study in so many interesting places.

Yet I can see why you might be so focused on the US. The nation's universities have become the hub of most academic activity throughout the world.

With a little help from Bubbles, my gum-chewing parrot, I have listed the best possible help available on the Internet. Make the most of it…

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Here is a good link to explore study opportunities in not just the US but also UK, France, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany.

A good place to check out what really is available in the US is a government site called infoUSA

The west coast of the Unites States is warmer than the east coast. So if your tropical blood cannot bear harsh winters you might want to look up universities by their location.

On the other hand if you are single mindedly focused on the best institutions, you might want to look up subject wise rankings of universities

You could also get some good tips and lots of professional advice from heavily traveled education resources like Petersons and Kaplan.

You might research all this as much as you want. But the best of plans fail for want of finance. Check out this handbook that will help you estimate the costs involved

Next: you can pick up tips on raising the funds at Finaid.org and Edupass.org

All this is not even the beginning. You will have to keep track of tens of deadlines and procedures: Last dates for application. Schedules for tests like GRE, GMAT, TOFEL etc. Here is a great page of schedules and deadlines to help you get through it.

Also, take a look at this page, which outlines application procedures and a checklist.

When Bubbles begins blowing gum into my ears repeatedly, I know he has his own two bits to add. Bubbles has the buzz that many universities give extraordinarily high weightage to recommendations and statement of purpose too.

Then there are the dreaded tests. Resources for them are all available at their official sites. Here are some: GRE, TOFEL,GMAT.

Care for some free preparation material? Try testtutor.com.

And finally, if you do make it. Prepare for the culture shock too.


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