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  But who is Dr. Know?


The Doctor is in

Dr Know lives in the rainforests. But this bit of trivia is really trivial. It does not matter where he lives. He might as well be on the top of the Himalayas.

What should matter about Dr Know is that this man really knows! Ask him almost anything. And he can find an answer. How does he do it? One word: Internet.

His rainforest cabin is abuzz with gizmos and a dish antenna that windows him into civilisation.

Every morning, amidst the clatter of the parrots, he lugs a can of diesel from the outhouse. The diesel is for the generators. The generators bring life to a jangle of electronics. And as the day wears on, the sounds of nature are joined by an electronic buzz.

Dr Know is at his keyboard, looking up secret passages and trap doors of the World Wide Web. His expertise ranges from recipes for love potions to guidance on careers, to rigging up a state of the art home network.

Actually just about anything. And he is willing to share…


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