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Online Radio [Ask Dr. Know]
  How can I listen to Radio online
  - Suresh Natrajan

[Bubbles Helps out]

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WI must confess, Suresh, that I am a radio freak. Isn't it amazing that we can now listen to the radio anywhere in the world? Imagine sitting at your computer and listening to radio stations from America, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea -- all possible thanks to Internet radio.


So, where do we start? Firstly, you will need a computer with a soundcard and speakers or headphones. You may also need an audio player called a plug-in, like Real Player or Window Media Player. They are both available for free, and the latter may already be on your system as it comes bundled with Internet Explorer.

The technology that makes 'radio listening' possible is called 'streaming audio' and this means you do not have to wait till the whole file downloads, but listen to it while the process is underway. A graphical interpretation of this process might clear the concept.

In India, due to slow line speeds, be prepared for a slightly rough and interrupted ride. The advantage of most radio sites is that you can actually fast-forward anything you do not want to hear. So, unlike early morning radio where you have to put up with ads screaming for your attention, all you need to do is press the 'FF' (fast-forward) button and you can spare your ears.

Where do you go next? Radio Locator is what Bubbles recommends as a starting point. You can search for any radio station in the US by location or type of music. There is also a selector for other countries. You could also log on to Radio 1 from BBC Online.

The Internet Radio List is another resource for beginners and radio lovers. You can check out the FAQ section for answers to questions like: how do I listen to internet radio broadcast; how to find what you want and where to turn in times of trouble.

If you are a Hindi film music buff, you can log on to Radio of India, Radio Josh and Musicurry which give you a selection of classical music, ghazals and songs in different languages. Rediff Radio also allows you to create your own play list and even dedicate a song. Try Rediff Search for more resources.

So Suresh, log on and turn up the volume -- it's time to rock and roll!

For more information, you can also click on links from Rediff Search


RadioFM | All India Internet Radio Radiolinks | Antenna Radio | Sonicnet


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