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[Celeb Surf with Tusshar Kapoor] [Celeb Surf with Tusshar Kapoor]

   Nidhi Taparia

The name is:
Tusshar Kapoor.

Your claim to fame :
My first movie Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. Also that I am Jeetendra's son and Ekta Kapoor's brother.

[Tusshar with costar Kareena]

How Net-savvy are you, on a scale of 1 to 10?:
I would rate myself 7/10. Make it 7.5 because I am the most Net savvy guy in the house. My sister Ekta doesn't even know how to log on. She hates the computer and is not at all tech savvy.

How often do you surf:
When I was in the States, I would be on the Net all the time and would use it to post my resume on job sites, to check mail, research my projects and just about anything. Now, I just use it to check mail from friends abroad and for information. Anything I want, I just get onto a search engine and look for it.

Your favourite hangouts on the Internet:
As of now, my film site Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai. I was showing it off to my friends in Wharton and telling them all about it. Another site which has an interesting concept is Bollywood Stock Exchange where they have prices for shares of movie stars and films, the ratings of which change every day. I haven't checked it for a while, maybe the prices for my shares have gone up now!

What you like best about the World Wide Web:
I like the Internet, because you can find anything and everything on it. When I was in Michigan, I used the Net to spy and dig out information on an old crush who was studying in North Carolina. It helped a lot.

Even when I wanted to get in touch with my science teacher at the University, I found her through the Net and wrote to her. I am not much into chatting with strangers - I think it's a waste of time. But the Internet is a great one for communication.

If you could change something about the Internet, it would be:
I wish it weren't so slow sometimes. I hate being disconnected and having to log on again! [Tusshar with costar Kareena]

Do you go ego-surfing, checking out sites or pages devoted to you?:
Haven't tried it so far. But my friends in the US have done that for me. I will definitely do it now! Though what I do find a huge kick is the emails that my fans send to the Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai site, which gets forwarded to me. Anytime I am down in the dumps, I just have to open my mailbox to hear nice things they have to say about me!

If you could sell something, online, it would be:
My clothes in my first movie. I love a few of my outfits in the songs of the movie - like the grey trousers and the grey pullover in the title song. I am very emotional about them.

[Tusshar kapoor]

Your idea of a perfect Web site:
If I had my own site, it would have to be very young, colourful and fun. It should reflect my personality and there should be a lot of information regarding movies. It should also be very interactive, use the latest technology, images and sounds.

Have you ever tried to shop online?:
I tried to buy air tickets online in America. But then I found it was just easier to pick up the phone and call. Sometimes, it is just easier not to use the Net.

A celebrity I would love to chat with:
Denzel Washington. I would love to find out how he selects his roles, how he performs tough scenes and makes them look so simple. Maybe even ask him whether he would like to do an Indian film. I really admire him as an actor.

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