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   Lindsay Pereira

The name is:
Mehnaz Hoosein. Known simply as Mehnaz.

Your claim to fame :
Surely my debut album 'Miss India,' followed by my second solo album 'Mausam'. Then, there was 'Paisa Paisa Paisa' from the Bombay Boys soundtrack, my duet with Air Supply 'You Are', from the Split Wide Open soundtrack, and 'Dreamcatcher' from the Snip OST. Innumerable live shows in India and abroad, too, have established me as a singer even more.

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How Net-savvy are you, on a scale of 1 to 10?:
I would rate myself 4/10.

How often do you surf:
Daily, depending on the time I have. It's usually in the mornings for about 45minutes, checking email first and then logging on to other sites that interest me.

Your favourite hangouts on the Internet:
I like Amazon, which is highly informative, as far as music and artistes go. I also like CNN.com for world news and entertainment, Rediff, AskJeeves and, of course, one site I would highly recommend to all: Mehnaz.com because it's mine...ha! ha!

What you like best about the World Wide Web:
I like the fact that it has made communication so much faster, easier, and cheaper. It's so amazing that two people sitting in different parts of the world are able to chat at the same time, that too, free of cost. Most importantly, the web is so resourceful that anyone can get any information, at any point in time and on any subject. You can also purchase any item you want.

Mehnaz If you could change something about the Internet, it would be:
I honestly have no complaints!! The Internet has made a big difference to my life.

Do you go ego-surfing, checking out sites or pages devoted to you?:
Oh yeah, I do!!! It's interesting to read interviews I've done with other sites. And yup, it's flattering to be featured on other sites!

Mehnaz If you could sell something, online, it would be:
My music is already available, so I really can't think of much at the moment. I guess T-shirts with my mug on it!!!

What do you search for most, after logging on:
Friends to chat with, definitely. It's so much fun!

Your idea of a perfect Web site:
I can't really say, because my idea of a perfect Web site may not be the same as that of someone else. People's interests differ. A site that caters to all would be perfect.

A celebrity I would love to chat with:
Uri Geller. He's psychic and I've never met him. This stuff really interests me though.

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