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[10 New Year Resolutions for Surfers]

   Daniel Rosario

Stuck for resolutions? This January 1, instead of deciding to use deodorant regularly or wash your dog more often, try some of these… They're far easier to implement and improve your quality time online:

ONE. Use Protection.
You don't wanna catch that virus. I'm not talking HIV but Nimda, Badtrans and Goner. They've wreaked havoc with several PCs this year but you can make sure you avoid them in 2002. Download some antivirus software and update it regularly. Here's a list of some of the best products available. Also get tips on detection and protection.

TWO. Manage email efficiently.
Create folders and slot mail accordingly. Outlook users will find this page helpful. Get more information here, and follow these tips on effective mailing.

THREE. Optimise the PC.
Get the most out of your machine. Defrag your disk often to increase speed. Get tweaking tips, upgrade info, how-tos and guides. Find out more here.

FOUR. Counter spam.
First identify the common types of spam. Next, learn how to tackle it. You can also join The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE), and report scam spammers. Find more resources here and on this page. Finally, configure your email account's junk filter.

FIVE. Shop safely online.
There is always a risk involved in disclosing your credit card number. Read about it here. Unscrupulous people, scamsters and hackers can pose a threat to your online shopping experience. However, there are precautions you could take in order to prevent or minimise this risk. Learn some safety tips, consumer tips and smart shopping.

SIX. Understand the Web.
Take time out to understand what the Internet is really all about. Learn more about online chatting and surfing.

SEVEN. Understand the PC.
Familiarise yourself with the hardware of your computer and the way your PC works. You could also learn to configure it. Get more information here.

EIGHT. Improve your personal Web site.
If you don't have a personal domain yet, book one now. Brush up on HTML coding, develop your site or portal and promote it free of cost!

NINE. Manage time effectively.
Use online diaries and calendars and read these tips on making the most of your time. Follow these tips and tricks. Here are the basics of time management while busy women should find this article especially useful.

TEN. Stop forwarding chain letters.
Most chain letters are urban legends or hoaxes. Here's how you can defeat them. Read up on chain letters here.

That makes 10 ideas for you to mull over. Pick and mix and make your resolutions. Have a happy new year online.

And yes, do use deodorant too :)

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