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[Keeping track of dot com demise] [Ask Dr. Know]
  Sites seem to be shutting
  down everyday? How do I
  keep track? - Sudhir

[Bubbles Helps out]

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Isn't it annoying when you revisit a site you bookmarked only to find it has disappeared? The problem has been more acute this year with poor economy forcing the collapse of one dotcom after another. But do not worry, I have found interesting ways for you to keep track...


According to Fortune's 'Dead and Mostly Gone' section, there have been more than 384 dotcoms that have passed on since the beginning of 2001. New York Post maintains a page that lists companies that have shut down along with the date of their demise.

Then there are Fortune's dotcom doom headlines from Morever where you can check the latest news.

Sites like Dotcomscoop bring you news, commentary and rumours. This section of The Wall Street Journal lists job cuts and failures of Web companies.

For discussions on anticipated failures and deaths you can head to F***ed Company. Another site that keeps tracks of the industry happenings is Endoffree (http://www.endoffree.com). Find more at Dotcomdoom and Hoover's Dead or Dwindling Dotcoms.

And don't be surprised if some of these sites shut down themselves. A classic example is the Compost that dutifully tracked dotcom deaths and then ceased publication after one year of operations. But you can still search their archives to find sites that have been shelved.

So happy tracking Sudhir.


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