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Sabeer BhatiaSabeer Bhatia

   Nidhi Taparia

The name is:
Sabeer Bhatia

Your claim to fame :
Hotmail and arzoo. People do associate me with Hotmail and other labels like Hot Male, but I think it is quite passť now.

On a scale of 1-10, how Net-savvy are you?:
I have been wired in the US since 1988 and am hooked. Though I do wish the Internet were something you could make more money out off.

How often do you surf?:
At least a few hours daily. My first stop is to check my email - I don't need to tell you where. I am a loyal Hotmail account user. Next is to check the value of my stocks, check news, yahoo and CBS. I do all my searching for information at google. In India, it's rediff and the Times of India to keep a tab on the latest.

What do you like best about the Web?:
The ability to get my information when and how I want it. But what really makes the Internet is email -- the ability to keep in touch with hundreds of people at one time is still the USP. Now, instant messengers, web cams and other gadgets are also interesting alternatives.

If you could change something about the Internet, it would be:
I think in India, the line speeds are very slow. I kept getting disconnected all the time. And I could only log in after 11 pm and before 7 am to get quick access.

Your idea of a perfect Web site would now be:
:Something entertainment-based that would be simply designed, easily navigable and very uncluttered. I think simplicity is the key to success on the Internet. For the future, video conferencing is what I would place my bucks on.

Your strangest experience online:
Receiving unsolicited mail. I get business proposals; marriage proposals and people of both sexes even send their pictures with no clothes on! Though I do have filters and spam to block most of my email, I still do manage to get a lot of friendly junk mail.

One Web friendly gadget, you couldn't live without:
My palm pilot.

One celebrity you would like to chat with:
Nobody I can think of at the moment.

Any woman, maybe?
Then, I would like to chat with all the pretty women. Why just one?

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