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VOTE: Who will grace Republic Day 2022?

By Rediff News Bureau
December 06, 2021 15:31 IST
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IMAGE: The last time India had a chief guest at the Republic Day parade was on January 26, 2020, weeks before the pandemic struck the nation.
Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi shares a laugh with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the chief guest at the 2020 Republic Day, as President Ram Nath Kovind wears a thin smile. Photograph: Shahbaz Khan/PTI Photo

The all powerful prime minister's office has selected the chief guest who will grace Republic Day 2022.

The name is currently not being disclosed, a source tells us, because of its 'political implications'.

That makes us curious. Who could this mysterious chief guest be, whose choice -- remember Modi-Shah never make a move without its electoral implications -- could influence the result in the Uttar Pradesh assembly election, scheduled to be held a few weeks after the Republic celebrates 72 years of its founding?

We list likely and unlikely possibilities, and ask you to vote for who you think it could be.

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