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The 102-Year-Old Cricketer

May 28, 2024 08:10 IST

IMAGE: The 'magical' cricket man. Photograph: ANI

The world's heaviest mango.

The Top Videos of the Week, listed by Shailajanand Mishra.

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And Wular Lake gets ready to woo you.

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The World's Heaviest Mango
Location: Dhar

The Ampuri, originally from Afghanistan, is now grown in India by two brothers from Madhya Pradesh.

But that's not the only interesting aam Rameshwar and Jagdish have in their orchard.

All Videos: ANI


Location Varanasi

Why Varanasi continues to win the hearts of anyone who is visits this holy place.


Wular Lake Gets Ready To Woo You
Location: Bandipora

Will it prove to be Kashmir's new Dal Lake?


The 102-Year-Old Cricketer
Location: Reasi

Like most Indians, cricket is his passion.

At 102, not only does Haji Karam Din play the game, he also teaches younger cricketers its nuances.

Do watch this heartwarming video.


Why Is Jasmeet Kour Special?
Location: Rajouri

She belongs to a tiny, remotely located village called Dalogra in Rajouri district. Her family has a strained financial background.

Despite these odds, here's what this determined young woman has achieved.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/