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Exclusive: Priyanka tweaked Rahul's speech

Last updated on: January 21, 2013 14:10 IST

Sheela Bhatt reports on how his sister was the emotional architect for Rahul Gandhi's speech.

Rahul Gandhi's speech on Sunday moved the scores of Congress leaders present at the party's Chintan Shivir on Sunday and startled even hardened members of the media.

But what most people don't know is that the emotional flourishes and notes, the memories about Rahul's father Rajiv Gandhi and grandmother Indira Gandhi, the point about his mother Sonia coming into his room late on Saturday night and weeping, in the speech were added by his sister Priyanka Gandhi.

It was Priyanka who inspired Rahul and tweaked his speech. Rahul is known to use Priyanka as his sounding board before he makes important speeches and Sunday was no different.

Priyanka flew into Jaipur on Sunday and was closeted with her brother in a room on the first floor of the Birla Auditorium where the Chintan Shivir was held this weekend.

Both brother and sister then worked on the speech through the day, burnishing it till it shone and was sure to make the impact it did finally.

Priyanka was anxious not to be seen by the media and wanted to leave as soon as she could. A request was then made to Congress leaders to trim their speeches, so that Rahul could deliver his speech.

No sooner had Rahul delivered the last line in his speech, an address which received a standing ovation, its emotional architect had left the venue for Jaipur airport, on the way home to her family.

Sheela Bhatt