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Modi's Bengal strike rate: Less than 50%

May 04, 2021 13:06 IST

The BJP's star campaigner could not help even half the number of candidates for whom he campaigned in his aggressive 'Didi-o-Didi' style in Bengal, reveals's Syed Firdaus Ashraf.

IMAGE: Narendra Damodardas Modi addresses an election rally at the BNR Ground, Kharagpur, in Bengal's West Midnapore district, March 20, 2021. Photograph: Swapan Mahapatra/ PTI Photo

Data compiled by Hemant Shivsharan/


'I have never before seen such a huge crowd. I am seeing it for the first time,' thundered Narendra Damodardas Modi at an election rally in Asansol, West Bengal.

'Wherever I see from stage, I see only people in front of me. Kya kamaal kar diya aap logo ne,' Modi, the Bharatiya Janata party's lead campaigner for Bengal's assembly election, declared..

Modi's remarks came under severe scrutiny on social media and in the international media as many felt that it was not right for the prime minister of India to brag about the swelling crowds at his rallies amid the surging COVID-19 crisis.

The crowd turnout was so large that many felt that the Modi magic would vanquish Mamata Banerjee and her All India Trinamool Congress.

The voters of Asansol Uttar, where Modi boasted about the huge crowds, voted for the TMC candidate.

BJP candidate Krishnendu Mukherjee lost to the TMC's Ghatak Moloy by 21,110 votes.

The only consolation prize that Modi's rally served was the BJP won Asansol Dakshin with Agnimitra Paul defeating Sayani Ghosh of TMC by 4,487 votes.

On April 3, Modi went to Tarakeshwar to address a rally for Swapan Dasgupta who days earlier had resigned from the Rajya Sabha to contest the Bengal assembly election.

Dasgupta -- who was mentioned as a likely chief minister if the BJP won Bengal -- was confident about his election victory.

TMC nominee Ramendu Sinharay defeated Dasgupta in Tarakeshwar by 7,484 votes.

In Howrah had Modi spoken about double engine growth at his rally.

'I request all young sons and daughters to help spread the word of 'asol poriborton' (real change) to their families and neighbours,' Modi said.

The result? All three seats -- Howrah Uttar, Howrah Madhya and Howrah Dakshin -- went to the TMC.

TMC won Howrah Dakshin by 50,569 votes; Howrah Madhya by 46,547 votes; Howrah Uttar by 5,522 votes.

Check out the strike rate of Modi's rallies.

Date Constituency Rally addressed by Modi Result BJP candidate TMC candidate Won by Lost by
February 22 Haldia Public Meeting @ 4 pm Won Tapasi Mondal Swapan Naskar 15,008 votes  
February 22 Chuchura, Hooghly Public Meeting Chuchura Dunlop Ground @ 3.45 pm Lost Locket Chatterjee Asit Mazumder (Tapan)   18,417 votes
March 7 Kolkata Brigade Cholo Rally, Brigade Parade Ground @ 2 pm Lost Awadh Kishore Gupta Firhad Hakim   68,554 votes
March 18 Purulia Public Rally @ 11 am Won Sudip Kumar Mukherjee Sujoy Banerjee 7,018 votes  
March 20 Kharagpur Public Meeting, BNR Ground @ 11 am Lost Tapan Bhuya Dinen Roy   36,230 votes
March 21 Bankura Public Meeting, Tila Bediya Ground @ 3.30 pm Won Niladri Sekhar Dana Sayantika Banerjee 1,468 votes  
March 24 Kanthi Uttar Kanthi Public Meeting @ 11 am Won Sumita Sinha (Kanthi Uttar) Tarun Kumar Jana 9,330 votes  
Kanthi Dakshin Won Arup Kumar Das (Kanthi Dakshin) Jyotirmoy Kar 10,293 votes  
April 1 Jaynagar Public Meeting @ 2.30 pm Lost Rabin Sardar Biswanath Das   38,683 votes
April 1 Uluberia Uttar Uluberia Public Meeting @ 4.00 pm Lost Chiran Bera Dr Nirmal Maji (Uluberia Uttar)   21,003 votes
Uluberia Purba Lost Pratyush Mandal Bidesh Ranjan Bose (Uluberia Purba)   17,126 votes
Uluberia Dakshin Lost Papia Dey (Adhikary) Pulak Roy (Uluberia Dakshin)   28,438 votes
April 3 Tarakeshwar Public Meeting @ 2.45 pm Lost Dr Swapan Dasgupta Ramendu Sinharay   7,484 votes
April 3 Sonarpur Uttar Sonarpur Public Meeting @ 4.15 pm Lost Ranjan Baidya Firdousi Begum (Sonarpur Uttar)   36,090 votes
Sonarpur Dakshin Lost Anjana Basu Arundhuti Maitra (Lovely) (Sonarpur Dakshin)   26181 votes
April 6 Cooch Behar Uttar Cooch Behar Public Meeting Won Sukumar Roy Binay Krishna Barman 14,615 votes  
Cooch Behar Dakshin Won Nikhil Ranjan Dey Avijit De Bhowmik 4,931 votes  
April 6 Howrah Uttar Public Meeting Lost Umesh Rai Gautam Chowdhuri   5,522 votes
Howrah Madhya Lost Sanjay Singh Arup Roy, S/o Late Prabhat Roy   46,547 votes
Howrah Dakshin Lost Rantidev Sengupta Nandita Chowdhury   50,569 votes
April 10 Siliguri Public Meeting @ 12.00 pm Won Sankar Ghosh Dr Omprakash Mishra 35,586 votes  
April 10 Krishnanagar Uttar Public Meeting @ 3.15 pm Won Mukul Roy Koushani Mukherjee 35,089 votes  
Krishnanagar Dakshin   Lost Mahadev Sarkar Ujjal Biswas   9,305 votes
April 12 Bardhaman Uttar Public Rally @ 12 noon Lost Radha Kanta Roy Nisith Kumar Malik   17,268 votes
Bardhaman Dakshin Lost Sandip Nandi Khokan Das   8,105 votes
April 12 Kalyani Public Rally @ 1.45 pm Won Ambika Roy Aniruddha Biswas 2,206 votes  
April 12 Barasat Public Rally @ 3.15 pm Lost Sankar Chatterjee Chiranjeet Chakrabarti   23,783 votes
April 17 Asansol Uttar Public Meeting @ 12 noon Lost Krishnendu Mukherjee Ghatak Moloy   21,110 votes
April 17 Asansol Dakshin   Won Agnimitra Paul Sayani Ghosh 4,487 votes  
April 17 Gangarampur Public Meeting @ 2.15 pm Won Satyendra Nath Ray Goutam Das 4592 votes  
APRIL 23 Maldaha Addressed the voters through virtual channels. Won Gopal Chandra Saha Ujjwal Kumar Chowdhury 15,456 votes  
APRIL 23 Murshidabad Addressed the voters through virtual channels. Won Gouri Sankar Ghosh Shaoni Singha Roy 2,491 votes  
APRIL 23 Dubrajpur (SC) (Birbhum) Addressed the voters through virtual channels. Won Anup Kumar Saha Debabrata Saha 3,863 votes  

Of the 33 seats where Modi campaigned, the BJP could win only 15 seats. Modi could not help even half the number of candidates for whom he campaigned in his aggressive 'Didi-o-Didi' style.

And if you add Birbhum district where Modi addressed just one rally, and in which an additional 11 assembly seats fall, the BJP won a lonely seat, Dubrajpur (SC).

And, in the six assembly constituencies of Bankura, Cooch Behar (Dakshin), Kalyani, Asansol (Dakshin), Gangarampur and Murshidabad, where Modi addressed rallies, the BJP candidates won by less than 5,000 votes.

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