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BJP has spent Rs 17.60 billion on elections!

January 25, 2019 08:54 IST

The BJP spent Rs 7.14 billion between March 5 and May 16, 2014 on the Lok Sabha election, its highest election expenditure in five years.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has spent Rs 17.60 billion (Rs 1,760 crore) on fighting elections in the last five years, data accessed from its expenditure details submitted to the Election Commission reveal.

Of this, the highest expenditure -- Rs 7.14 billion (Rs 714.28 crore), was incurred between March 5 and May 16, 2014, on the Lok Sabha elections, the data shows.

The rest of the expenditure was incurred on contesting 22 state elections.


Of these, the highest expenditure (Rs 1.759 billion/Rs 175.98 crore) was incurred on Maharashtra between September 20 and October 22, 2014, followed by Rs 1.751 billion (Rs 175.10 crore) in Uttar Pradesh between January 11 and March 15, 2017, and Rs 1.22 billion (Rs 122.68 crore) in Karnataka between March 27 and May 18, 2018.

Check out how much the BJP spent on various elections in the infographic below!

Infographic: Ashish Narsale/ Data mining: Hemant Shivsharan/

Hemant Shivsaran/Ashish Narsale