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Ayodhya: Before The Gates Open

January 21, 2024 15:05 IST

Rajesh Karkera/ captures scenes from Ayodhya hours before the pran prathishta ceremony.


IMAGE: How Rampath looks in the night.


IMAGE: The entrance to the temple.


IMAGE: Work continues feverishly in Ayodhya.


IMAGE: Barricades being put up...


IMAGE: Roads being laid...


IMAGE: Pillars being polished...


IMAGE: Work goes on everywhere simultaneously.


IMAGE: Mangesh Savalkar from Pune along with 10 others from the city have been invited by the Uttar Pradesh government to display their art on Ayodhya's pavements.


IMAGE: And even though the work is not done and there is a lot to be done before the opening which is hours away, we meet a group of humanity from Lakhimpur Kheri.


WATCH: Who show us that it's all in the feeling within.


IMAGE: And this reaction from the lady who was sweeping the ground on seeing Lord Ram's footwear from Chitrakoot to be gifted at the opening.
She touched her forehead after touching the closed glass enclosure. To show respect.
Then began doing her work almost immediately.


IMAGE: Another view of the Rath.


IMAGE: A 1,265 kg laddu from Hyderabad arrives in Ayodhya.


IMAGE: A gentleman who had the Lord's name all over his body.


IMAGE: He was there to represent the Ramnami community who worship Lord Ram.


IMAGE: One of the best parts of Ayodhya is the food, especially when it is offered at a bhandara.


IMAGE: A different twist to a healthy breakfast at the Maura Mishthan Bhandar.


IMAGE: Oily jalebis with healthy fresh curd. For all who are seeing this for the first time.... it was amazing!


IMAGE: Just like the bhandara, prasad, tea, sweets and snacks are distributed free all over the city.


IMAGE: View the uniformity in the display boards of the shops here.

IMAGE: There is something about the monkeys here.
They are not fed... yet they have become the most popular strays here.
They act like dogs and also scavenge for food in dustbins here.
But one thing is for sure. They do have the humankind of expressions to show emotions.


IMAGE: Yes, some do threaten you when you go too close. But stand your ground and they walk away without a tiff.


IMAGE: The mounted police have been deployed for security in Ayodhya.


IMAGE: The Rapid Action Force is here too.


IMAGE: Along with its fearsome women force!


WATCH: And the UP Anti-Terrorist Squad. Its entry onto the streets of Ayodhya is as dramatic as a scene from Rohit Shetty's cop universe movies...


Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/