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Rashmi Bansal, Ajit Balakrishnan on the Info Age

Last updated on: November 27, 2012 22:39 IST

Rashmi Bansal, Ajit Balakrishnan on the Info Age

In a first, founder, chairman and CEO Ajit Balakrishnan launched his book The Wave Rider: A Chronicle Of The Information Age online on November 29. He was in conversation with bestselling author Rashmi Bansal.

Ajit Balakrishnan tells the fascinating story of how the Information Age came to be in India in his book and narrates the everyday battles that his then fledgeling company,, had to fight to be able to stay relevant at all times.

Rashmi Bansal and Ajit Balakrishnan talked about The Wave Rider, as well as the extraordinary story of how a young Internet company working in a space that very few had heard of at the time, not only succeeded in getting listed in NASDAQ but also changed the way India used the Internet.

Here are the links to the entire webcast:

Part I: Ajit Balakrishnan on the importance of failure

Part II: 'Affordable education, healthcare, justice are the promises of the Information Age'

Part III: 'Some of the opposition to Aadhar is the fear of the unknown'

Part IV: 'All young people should ask: What do I want written on my tombstone?'

Watch The Wave Rider!

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