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Readers' agenda for Modi: 'Don't speak of Ram Mandir'

Last updated on: June 24, 2013 12:49 IST

Readers' agenda for Modi: 'Don't speak of Ayodhya or Ram Mandir'


Next had asked its readers to set an agenda for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to achieve his dream job of becoming India's prime minister.

We had asked our readers to suggest a 5- or 10-point agenda for Modi to implement to cover what looks like a yawning chasm between him and the winning post.

We are overwhelmed to receive thousands of responses. We present the second part of the suggestions from our readers. More will follow in the days to come.

Part 1: Readers' agenda for Modi: 'Prove to Muslims you are secular'

If you have not yet sent in your suggestion, please do so here

Nripen Acharya

1 Strict enforcement of the RULE OF LAW.

2. Defeat unemployment by attending to massive development of agriculture/food industry and infrastructure

Apparao S Navale

To get the magic figure of 272 NaMo should speak like Vajapayee. Dont even speak about Mandir or Ayodhya. NaMo's only mantra should be development.

Dr D C Kantharaja

1. Eliminate corruption in all stages (party & govt)

2. Increase wages

3. Provide basic needs & reduce taxes

4. Focus on agriculture, science & tech sector

Ganesh Shantaram Paisole

1. Give the first priority to below poverty line people for their basic needs.

2. Give ground for the industrial growth which give more jobs to all


He should rake up development agenda alongwith Hindutva. He should make allies with Jaya, Jagan, Yeddy, MNS, NC, AGP. And post poll alliance with JDU, TMC.

Bhardwaj Velamakanni

Use innovative methods to reduce dependency on the other countries Energy & Employment sectors. Conserve water and tap all the resources to the maximum.


Articulate an alternate vision on issues like economy, education etc as current BJP manifesto looks like B team of Congress on these vital issues.

Seshadri Krishnaswamy

Bring farmers/workers from other states to Gujarat and speak on TV of distinctive improvements which they like to be replicated in their own states.


1. Anti Corruption 2. Local Job creation 3. Infrastructure 4. More tough Foreign policy 5. Food Security bill which makes sense, like food stamps.

Srinivas Kolla

1. Eliminate Corruption

2. Select Clean educated candidates for elections

3. Concentrate on National Security

4. Don't entertain Liquor or Money for votes.

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Image: Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi smiles during an election campaign rally in Ahmedabad
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters


'Bring back Yeddyurappa'

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Shiv Shankar Mishra

Modi I suggest you to accept minority and give them few things which can prove government will take care of them, that's it.

Ashwin Ganatra

1) Fight from all the 543 Seats. 2) Identify 100+ opinion leaders for each constituency and train them to bring awareness about NaMo's achievements.


Get AIADMK, TMC, JD-U, JANATA DAL on NDA board first. Without them it will be impossible to get 272 magic figure. Modi has to take centre-stage to bring them on board.

Sudhir Kalra

1) Ally with INLD in Haryana. Will manage all 10 seats. 2) UP can give you 45 to 50 seats if managed properly 3) AIADMK will get more than 30 seats. 4)andhra parties have to be managed very sensibly. 5) Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat --these states have to be clean swept. 6) Maharashtra - the MNS factor has to be taken care of, otherwise will lose 8-10 seats 7) Bihar -- concentrate on Bihar very effectively, JD-U will soon realise the biggest mistake they've made in their life 8) Orissa -- try to manage atleast 8-10 seats(bonus)

Ram Chandra Prasad

Bring all Indian money back to India and improve the economy. Reduce market price, so normal people can get their food. Improve living standard.


NaMo has to appoint Ex-CAG for quick investigation related to major corruption happened in India. And punish them (without VIP treatment in Tihar Jail)

Mahesh Shanbhag

Tax Free Income. No corruption. Simple process & procedures. Superfast timely decisions. Strict rules & regulations. Equal status for all India citizens.

Bikash Mukherjee

1.) Break the shackle of secularism.

2.) BJP for all Indian Citizen.

3.) India's progress to acclerate.

4.) Biharis in Gujarat to select Modi or Nitish.

Sharda Kejriwal

We Indians would like to tell Modi that rule the country with an iron hand without succumbing to pull and pressure from different section of society.

Madhuraj P H

Dump all the traitors like JD-U. Bring back all those who left BJP in recent past like Yeddyurappa and try for new alliances in south.

Rakesh Bhat

Corruption free country especially government sector. Compete with China and surpass. Make India true secular. Good relation with neighbours.

Jayesh Baheti

1. Legalise betting 2. Make agricultural income taxable 3. Create tax compliances very easy for entrepreneurs in a way they compete with MNCs.

Amit Nabar

No religion and no caste in this country are in support of corruption. Every caste and every religion in this country wants growth and development. India will vote for development in 2014. Reduce inflation and fiscal deficit, agriculture, infrastructure and rural development Job creation Draft lokpal bill Anti-terror and Naxal policy.


Please focus on good governance and job creation. Please don't dilute your focus from these main aspects which Indians need. That is the real agenda.

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Image: Former Karnataka chief minister KJP supremo B S Yeddyurappa

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'Development. Development. Development'

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Vimlendu Kumar

Avoid communal speeches, Talk how the development could be done, Come with ideas that suits need of people. Different steps for a good foreign policy.

Shakti Mishra

Improve infrastructure, remove vote bank politics, reach to the poor, ask everyone to earn bread, safety for woman, rejig police force, keep Vajpayee's vision.

Jadab Sharma

List out the most feasible developmental plans for all districts of India highlighting the potential of that region. Show a roadmap to achieve it.

Anil Kumar Jha

1 Be himself 2 Call upon college and university students to help take his message to the poor and uneducated 3 Give a clear develop program for Bharat.

Taral Thakker

Talk to Muslims/apologise to them while iterating your innocence Talk about development/don't criticise other parties Talk to youth. Talk patriotism.

Sanjay Bhattacharya

A vision for development of India, Reduce tax, Increase expenditure on social welfare, Fight against terrorism, List corruption scandals by Congress.


Education for all. Infrastructure everywhere. Follow Raj Dharma (treat every one equally even if they don't agree with you) No free meal. Give work.


Need to travel and connect with people (not in Gujarat for next 12 months) and publish his vision and have many vehicles/volunteers carrying the same.

Indra Prakash Dubey

'DEVELOPMENT','DEVELOPMENT','DEVELOPMENT'. No loose comments against any community.

Ashok Sant

1. Connecting rivers in India for better water management. 2. Improvement in Power utilities. 3. Education to all at affordable cost 4. Good Governance.

Ashis Kumar Nandy

He is the only leader whose mouth (what he speaks) heart (what he feels) and hand (what he does) work together. This is the time to lead our country.

I M Nair

1) Modi to continue the same style of functioning 2) Modi must Keep IAS babus at bay 3)Modi to maintain foolproof communication system as Congress spies are everywhere.

Nagesh Upadhyay

1. Campaign across India and create visibility of Modi in every state, city/districts by campaigning. 2. This box is too small to put my ideas.

Rohit Kumar

1. Clear vision of development. 2. He is not pseudo secular like other politician. 3. He has done development in Gujarat. 4. No political biases. 5. People of India are looking at him as last resort. 6. Charismatic personality to represent the masses. 7. Have ability to control the people who feel they can do anything or everything in democracy of India. (misuse of democracy)

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Image: A woman labourer spreads black ash over a newly constructed road at Raipur village, in Gujarat
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters

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'Bring back black money deposited illegally in foreign countries'

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Anil Kumar Gupta

1. Bring back black money deposited illegally in foreign countries. 2. Bring down inflation. 3. Employment generation 4. Investigate scams of UPA Govt

Ekta Sharma

I think he can prove to b a good leader as have heard his speeches and he can easily connect to the new generation which most of politicians can't do.

Dinesh B Daga

He should put matters concerning the national interest like economy/currency, security, youth, safety of women etc on top priority.

Ram Jengathe

The mainstream media's obsession with Modi has ensured that every person with access to the Internet, TV, newspaper or radio would have heard of him. Gujarat's over 10-lakh strong migrant workforce that comes from various Indian states, take home the stories of state's excellent roads, water, electricity, jobs, less corruption, and hold your breath, communal peace.

Add to this Modi's humble background, which makes him extremely aware of the worries, needs and hopes of the poor. This gives him a genuine connect with the rural masses, as against those who shout garibi hatao when in the reality for generations they have never come remotely close to experiencing anything that is middle class, let alone penury.

J K Kapoor

Free education, free healthcare, food guarantee, national housing scheme, clean water, electrification, good roads, Strong India and corruption less India.

Dharmvir Singh

1. Continue this aggressive campaign till elections without rest. 2. Promise honestly that govt. jobs in states and centre will be ability based.

Amol Sahu

High Economic growth, Increase of employment, Take together all class of people, Decrease the level of Bhrastachar, control of terrorist activities,

P P Upadya

Launch a powerful campaign making anti corruption and country's development as mantras. Absolute silence about Godhra, Ayodhya etc anywhere anytime.

Anandram Venkatasubramanian

Freeing private enterprise from, increasing transparency, increasing public private partnership, Reducing corruption and better economic management.

Himanshu Mehta

He clearly needs to expand his and BJP's presence across the nation. BJP has no presence in many states while in some they have a very little presence.

Yugandhar Reddy

Publish next 5 yrs vision for the following: 1) Youth 2) Infra (roads, ports, education, electric,) 3) Security 4) State specific 5) Admin reforms

Rajesh Sharma

1. He must work on increase employment for youth 2. Better road facilities and connecting river water 3. Develop Gujarat model in all over India.

Ashok Kandadai

1. Corruption eradication 2. Rural Development 3. Restricting unwanted expenditure by government 4. Transparency in governance 5. Literacy MIN 80%

Krishna Prasad

Inclusive growth taking all the religions on board. Massive Infrastructure development. Providing employment opportunities Avoid wasteful expenditure.


1) Please eradicate corruption 2) Strengthen the judiciary system (if required by bringing new laws) 3) Improve the infrastructure of atleast the metro cities.

Ravijee Verma

I would just like to suggest you that rise above pseudo secular policies and reservation and assure the people for their bright future. You will win.

Ahmed Khan

Bring back the economy on track and bring us on the levels of developed nation. Create anti secular anti terror & rape laws. Remove Congress now.

Venugopal K

Let the spine remain straight. TV time of spokesperson to win hearts, not arguments. Counter criticism and tear apart Congress. Don't be defensive.

Vaidyanathan G

Make full airfare free for poor Muslims for haj & 50% for rest, air fare free for poor Christians to Jerusalem, and train fare in 3rd ac for Hindus to go to Varanasi and other pilgrimages.

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Image: School students participate in an anti-corruption demonstration in Jammu
Photographs: Mukesh Gupta/Reuters

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'Ensure safety and security of women'

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Publish your vision around 1) women security 2) sanitation 3) nutrition. Pick 50 people per constituency and have them focus for next 12 months to reach the people.

Salil Sharma

1.Modi should highlights the NDA agenda . 2. Should make some new people oriented strategy for candidate selection. 3. Should add nirdaliya (independents) with him

C S Ravinndra

Bring jan lokpal, bring black money back to india, withdraw all reservations, consider only merit, erase LoC. Get back all Pak & China captured area.

Rajaram Alva

Lead India to a corruption free, secular, democratic, rich nation. Implement plans of Gujarat to other states of India. Cut bureaucracy in governance.

Abhay Thite

1. Clearly take Hindutva stand. 2. Tell people that Hindu is nationality, not related to your way of prayer/or place of prayer 3.Assure Non Corrupt Govt

B K Sharma

Strengthen the defence system by purchasing double the equipments than China. Borders must be secured.2: Entire black money & assets should be seized by govt.

Dr Sheokumar

Be polite. Take all communities in confidence. Listen to everybody & do what is best for the country & its people. Stress on education & infrastructure.

Umakant Pati

BJP should be alliance with Patnaik & Jayalalitha with any cost, because they are going to win 50+ seats and BJP should declare Modi as PM candidate.

M Manoharan

Nothing can be predicted, pinpointed in our present system. Everybody from top to bottom think they can do as they feel, that is freedom. Break this.

Swapnil Patil

Modiji should concentrate only western and north India for campaign. He should not waste his time in southern state. He should bring back Deve Gowda.

Suresh Krishnamurthy

It is very hard to believe that Modi and Rajnath Singh has not anticipated this fall out. Now Modi has to move. The Congress has already making moves revamping their house. Modi must make a statement on his road map to inspire BJP cadres. It is a win win situation for Modi and he has to shift gears.

Dilip Bhagwat

1) Announce reduction in salaries of MP by atleast 30%.& allowances by 60 %. 2) Compulsory declaration of assets of MPs every quarter

Birajdar Jitendra

Need door to door canvassing and try to make voting percentage more particularly of middle class families. Do this thing on topmost priority.


He should wait out 2014 and let the regional parties try out a 3rd front govt for a year or two and frustrate the nation into inevitably voting him.

B Dutta Chowdhury

1) Bring in good law and order. Make CBI free from political clutch. Only well educated persons be allowed to join politics. Army training compulsory.

Ajit S

This is the time he travels across India. He must go for the KILL starting right now. I am sure he will make a change both in the voting and to India.

Nagaraj Ramarao

Create BJP as secular party. Do not talk of Ram mandir. Sir, go to masjid and church if you want to become prime minister Help Muslims in Gujarat.

Nick Mandalaywala

There is none in BJP to replace him If BJP needs to win the election in 2014, who else is there to deliver in BJP. Narendra Modi is indispensable

Naveen Gupta

All above the issues Modi should talk about his development only there will be no such debate of secular or communal by any BJP member.


1.Indian should regain its agriculture very strongly. 2. Connect all the rivers 3. No compromise with FDI's 4. Strict action against corruptions

Amit Shukla

He should be more aggressive the way he is & should focus on development of India .For all India definition of secularism means India first.

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Image: A demonstration in demanding stricter safety measures for women
Photographs: Reuters

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'Compulsory sandhyabhojan for children at government schools'

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1. Project: Sandhyabhojan: Dinner at government schools where BPL category is more OR at all government schools - All students must come to school ground to play at evening and they will get "sandhyabhojan". (This will help to promote sport) This is 100% solution of malnutrition.

2 Project: food card system -- Free food to people who earn less than 2,000 rupees and having 3 members in house to feed. Another option is food card system same like "BPL card".

3. Compulsory karate, judo and self defense training subject and practical exams for girls in all schools

4. Project: career development -- Colleges /universities must be for career growth, not only for education growth -- In Gujarat, all colleges, school, university has to do compulsory placement and to help all student to get the first job. Students are paying huge money. So colleges should take this responsibility -- If any student is without job for 2 months, it is responsibility of colleges/ school /university. If more than 50 students without job. College/ university should be charged penalty or approval should be cancelled. By this implementation, each and every person of Gujarat will get a job. 100% employment.

5. Project WAG: war against global warming -- Appoint one person (Below poverty line) on fixed salary in the entire municipality (Nagar Palika, Grampanchayat), this person should have full time job responsibility to plant tree and grass on both side of all streets and roads of his related municipality (Nagar Palika, Grampanchayat). His responsibility is also to make his area beautiful and clean. Regular inspection to be done by supervisor, strong supervision: To check: -- No water accumulation which leads to water related decease -- No open gutters and broken pipelines -- No accumulation or dumping of dirty stuff or foods etc -- All area must have more than sufficient dustbin -- Continuous accountability, monitoring, progress should be maintained by municipality.

6. India has bad image about roaming of cows and dogs on the street (below suggestions are only for cities) -- We respect animals being a Hindu. But we should control them on roaming on the road, especially in the cities. Roaming animals causes accidents. -- There must be hoardings like "Animals roaming prohibited" same way like "no parking" hording. -There must be a strong law like eg. If any cow or animal is roaming on the road. Government should pick up and sent to one place.

7. Project: For Gujarat police - Well equipped gym in all police stations. (Can be simple gym with basic and main equipments) -- Give proper equipment to Gujarat police. Eg. Like American police, give thick iron stick instead of "wooden stick", Thick belt. Etc.

Pavan A

Modi should plan to reach out to max people of India as against Congress. He should conduct rallies and meetings to promote BJP in mind and heart.


1. 2014 GE is Modi vs rest of the parties in India (Except few alliances in NDA), say if BJP wins 160 seats the regional parties combined (which is not possible as of now) wins 180+ Congress may come in support of the regional parties to keep BJP out of power. So it is must for BJP to cross the number 180.

2. Send party cadres are all regions in the country and identify issues related to specific regions and solutions for them should be included in the election manifesto.

3. Identify strong BJP cadres and place them directly against congress cadres by that BJP can transform the anti-Congress votes into BJP votes.

4. Make sure all the state units of BJP functions properly, make sure they donot loose any seats of theirs to the regional parties or the Congress.

5. Include interconnection of rivers project in their election manifesto, this would bring in more votes from the drought hit areas and farmers.

6. When all the so called secular parties take secular card for their election agenda BJP's agenda should be on actual issues such as developement, corruption,protection for women. donot try to play hindutuva card.

7. Should conduct rallies, issue handouts, speak on media etc on how the current govt's policy paralysis has dampened the country's growth and how it hurt the farmers. They should also assure them how they will solve their problems.

8. Should maintain a wait and watch game in the southern parts of India, as the results are uncertain in AP, T.N and BJP is also weak here. should not try for pre election ties in these regions.

9. Do not rely only on high-tech 3D banners for election campaign, it is useful only in urban areas. In the rural areas the party cadres should meet the people there and find out what they actually need.

10. BJP should not project only Modi they also should project other good performing leaders (Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Raman Singh, Parrikar, Vasundhara Raje) in their party at national level. They should stand as the next generation leaders for BJP and work together for the development of the country.

11. Don't be over confident as in 2004.

12. Solution for Telanagna issue can be included in the election manifesto.

13. BJP can reach out to different communities and give a BJP ticket for the people that community. for eg: BJP can reach out to fisherman community in Tamil Nadu (whose primary issue is attack by Sri Lankan Navy) and give a BJP ticket and sponsor them to contest election so that the fishermen community will have a voice in the Parliament. It will benefit both BJP and the fishermen community it is worth giving a try of this sort.

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Photographs: Krishnendu Halder/Reuters
Tags: BJP , BPL , Congress , India , NDA

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'Convince rural India'

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Election campaign should start from the panchayat level. I mean u have to focused on Panchayat. So BJP's cadre should be in place or work at Panchayat level.

G Somasundaram

India need a dynamic leader to lead with dignity and proud. Good decision maker with long term vision about india. like Vajpayee.

R Sridhar

1) Eradicate Corruption for which CONGRESS shall be dethroned

2) Bring all Swiss a/c to open ie CONGRESSMEN's a/c


Easy, win 200 + BJP seats and corner the balance. Beat the Congress in their game. Without small parties supporting BJP, nothing works

Rajeev M Sukhthanker

Should concentrate on UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Goa, HP and Uttarakhand of their own with allies TDP (AP), AIADMK (TN), Akali Dal, Shiv Sena (Maharashtra), BJD (Orissa), TMC (Bengal) in other states.

Rajeev Arora

Campaign in rural areas and open rural eyes. Our 67% population is rural. Urban is already convinced for you.

Image: Villagers wave towards a political leader's helicopter
Photographs: Adnan Abidi/Reuters

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