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Parliament at its worst: Blame these MPs!

Last updated on: February 13, 2014 18:14 IST

Image: Congress MP L Rajagopal was trying to prevent introduction of the bill that provides for bifurcation of Andhra

A pepper spray was used, a mic yanked, a computer flung and a knife brandished. Can the day get any worse for Parliament?

Parliament hit a new low on Thursday over Telangana.

Lawmakers turned into lawbreakers as they clashed with each other over the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh as the controversial bill to create the new state was introduced.

With unprecedented behaviour these MPs put our democracy to shame.

Leading the drama in the Lok Sabha was expelled Congress Member of Parliament L Rajagopal, who represents the Seemandhra region. He used a pepper spray as two others MPs, for and against the bifurcation, came to blows. Incidentally, Rajagopal also smashed a glass on the table. 

A Parliament doctor was immediately rushed inside the Lok Sabha after the spray incident. The impact of the spray was so severe that mediapersons in the press gallery atop the chair started coughing.

The pepper spray could be smelt outside the House as well, complained a few.

There were other protesting MPs who flung a computer, according to television channels. 


Parliament at its worst: Blame these MPs!

Image: TDP MP Venugopal Reddy

Telugu Desam Party MP Venugopal Reddy reportedly brandished a knife inside the House, but others held him back. He later snatched papers from the Speaker's podium.

However, Reddy denied using a knife. Talking to the press after the chaos, he said, "I was waving a microphone and not a knife."


Parliament at its worst: Blame these MPs!

Image: TDP MP C M Ramesh

Similar scenes were being play out in the Rajya Sabha. 

Venugopal’sparty colleague C M Ramesh tried to pluck away the mike of the chairman in the Upper House.

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Parliament at its worst: Blame these MPs!

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