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Rediff News  All News  » News » Pak honours ISI agent on suicide mission in India

Pak honours ISI agent on suicide mission in India

Last updated on: December 14, 2010 18:14 IST

Image: ISI operative Naik Zulfiqar Ahmed

An entry on Pakistani Army's official website has listed an Inter Services Intelligence operative, who died in an Indian hospital in November 2007 while on a 'suicide attack' operation, virtually owning him up.

The listing in the Shuhada's (Martyrs') Corner of the website named Naik Zulfiqar Ahmed as the ISI operative who died in New Delhi's Ganga Ram Hospital on November 16, 2007.

The listing stated that Ahmed was on a 'suicide attack' operation at the time of his death. The cause of death was given as "Neptrrotic syndrome/ARI". Nephrotic syndrome is a kidney disorder while ARI refers to acute respiratory infection.


Pak honours ISI agent on suicide mission in India

Image: The ISI logo

Ahmed's army serial no was "1726016" and he belonged to the Engineering wing. His formation or unit was "HQ 30 Corps/Dte Gen ISI", according to the listing, which has a picture of Ahmed.

The listing on Ahmed in the Shuhada's Corner was accessed by news agency PTI from a frame grab of the webpage. However, the Shuhada's Corner was inaccessible via Internet.

The Pakistan Army spokesman could not be reached to comment on the issue.

Pak honours ISI agent on suicide mission in India

The same section of the Pakistan Army website recently listed the names of over 500 soldiers and officers who were killed during the 1999 Kargil border conflict with India.

The names of these troops were listed after the army spent years denying its involvement in infiltrations in the Kargil sector of the Line of Control.

The names of over 15,000 Pakistani troops who died in combat or while in service are listed in the Shuhada's Corner.

Pak honours ISI agent on suicide mission in India

Army chief General V K Singh said that the Pakistan Army had exposed its 'intentions' by owning up and hailing as a 'martyr' an ISI suicide bomber.

'I have nothing to say on what they (the Pakistan Army) has put up on its website. But if it has, then it clearly show what their intentions and ways are and what their next move will be,' Singh told media persons when asked about the Pakistan Army's website posting.