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India and US take ties to the next level

Last updated on: November 8, 2010 13:46 IST

India and US take ties to the next level



India and US on Monday reaffirmed their commitment to take relations between the two countries to the next level.

Addressing a joint press conference at the Hyderabad House after official talks, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US President Barack Obama stated the two countries have decided to expand cooperation in the fields of space, technology, health and agriculture.

Highlights of what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said:

  • We are not afraid of talks with Pakistan. You cannot be talking at the same time and simultaneously the terror machine is active as ever before

  • India is committed to resolving all problems with Pakistan but simultaneously Pakistan should ensure that it moves away from terror-induced coercion. We will be happy to engage productively

  • We have decided to facilitate people-of-people contact

  • We will start a new homeland security dialogue

  • We have shared vision of security in the region

  • Strengthen efforts to tackle global nuclear proliferation and terrorism

  • Protectionism is detrimental to both nations

  • Our discussion have led to a meeting of minds and a evolution of a shared vision

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Image: Dr Singh and Obama at the press conference
Photographs: Jay Mandal/On Assignment

India and US take ties to the next level

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Highlights of Obama's address

  • Indo-US ties indispensable in facing the challenges of our times

  • I indicated to Prime Minister Singh that that I am happy to play any role the two parties may want to reduce tensions between the two countries

  • Dialogue between India and Pakistan may not begin on the particular flashpoint (Kashmir)

  • Obama commends Prime Minister for his sincere and relentless efforts for peace in the region

  • Consultations on global issues, including international institutions like the UN, to reflect the reality of the 21st Century

  • We agreed on the need for all nations in the region to take steps to ensure that there are no safe havens for terrorists

  • Setting up of clean energy resource centre in India

  • Greater cooperation between law enforcement agencies of the two countries

  • Obama welcomes agreement on supply of C-17 cargo planes to India

  • Obama says India, US relationship must for tackling challenges like terror and to work for a world without nuclear weapons.


Photographs: Jay Mandal/On Assignment
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