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Michelle Obama is 'hot'

Last updated on: November 6, 2010 22:31 IST

Michelle Obama is 'hot'

At the University of Mumbai library, elegantly-attired United States First Lady Michelle Obama captivated a group of Mumbai children. After an hour spent dancing, singing, playing the tambourine, games and hopscotch with her, barefoot, these kids -- who are from deprived backgrounds (most of them do not have parents) and receive assistance in their education from non-governmental organisation Making A Difference -- had stars in their eyes.

But precocious Sagar Jadhav, 12, had a twinkle in his eye when asked what he thought of Mrs Obama.

"Hot" he says mischievously, as one of the MAD volunteers makes a mock horrified gesture.

Jadhav lives in Chembur and receives MAD assistance at the YMCA and studies in Class 7 at Sacred Heart Scholars Academy High School.

In rather efficient and precise English, Sagar explains, "On my last day in the YMCA, Uncle (one of the MAD volunteers) said that on 6/11/2010 you are going to meet the Michelle Obama. Yes (I know who she is), Uncle has shown us his photo on the Internet."

Jhadav relates how he danced with Michelle Obama to the tune of Rang De Basanti and how she played hopscotch and a missing letter game with each of them:

"I feel so (much) enjoy(ment). I danced. I play game with her. Rang De Basanti (was playing when we danced).  She also danced very well. She tall, tall, tall," said Jadhav.

Text: Vaihayasi P Daniel Photograph: Satish Bodas