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DON'T MISS: NaMo's interviews to

May 23, 2014 08:39 IST

Image: Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi.
Photographs: Amit Dave/Reuters

Narendra Modi has probably given more interviews than he has any other news outlet.

From his early days as BJP general secretary and after he became the most powerful politician in India... Check them out!


February 1998: 'I am a humble party worker with no political ambition'

'Muslims can be divided into two. Those with the BJP and those who are indifferent' Read on

November 1998: Sonia inaugurated a new era -- corruption by proxy

'In future if Digvijaya works as a model for Colgate toothpaste or a toothbrush, he will be their best model. A best seller.'Read on

July 2001: 'Atalji was on the defensive'

'Musharraf was the architect of the Kargil war. Atalji told him bluntly that India has the capacity to deal with terrorism despite Pakistan's presence.' Read on

August 2002: 'I have allowed the media to behave as it wants'

'Every election is made out to be a crucial election as if it is a question of life or death. In my life, I don't consider any event as the last event. I always believe there is no full stop in life.' Read on

August 2002: 'All of you want a magic wand in Gujarat'

'Whatever I do, whatever decision I take is weighed with reference to Godhra. Even if I transfer a government employee it is seen in connection with the riots.'Read on

April 2009: 'The nation is waiting for a strong, experienced leader'

'Actually, I am not a manager, I am simply an organiser. And since my childhood I had training in the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, so I know the human wealth, what is the value of human wealth and how to use human resources, how to form teamwork. This is my training and because I got exposure as a CM, I tasted success.'Read on

April 2009: 'I have a mission, not ambition'

'I leave for office at 9 am, and am there till 11 pm. Only during the elections, for those 30, 40 days, I spend my time on party work, otherwise the rest of my time I spend as an apolitical chief minister. I am not interested in this type of political activity.' Read on

May 2009: 'No model but democracy will suit India'

'The leadership after Independence, be it social leadership, cultural leadership or political leadership, everyone has done something wrong. In that sense, we are all responsible.' Read on

July 2012: 'I won't apologise for 2002 riots'

'If Narendra Modi has committed such a crime then he should be hanged, this is my upfront demand, but if people are attacking me with criticism for political purposes without considering my effort of saving peoples lives, then I don't have an answer for them.'Read on

May 2014: 'My definition of secularism is India First'

'The Muslim community is more conscious now. They are not only watching this political 'drama', but also understand the conspiracy behind it.' Read on