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Modi in Mangalore: We need a Congress-free India

Last updated on: May 2, 2013 14:55 IST
Narendra Modi gestures while addressing supporters at a campaign rally in Mangalore on Thursday

From attacking Rahul Gandhi to ridiculing UPA's 'weak foreign policy', the charismatic Narendra Modi did not disappoint BJP supporters while addressing his much-anticipated rally at Mangalore.

Agriculture and cow slaughter are two primary issues in coastal Karnataka and this is exactly what Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi focused upon in his speech in Mangalore on Thursday.

Modi in fact started off his speech by telling the crowd that they should have taught him Kannada so that he could have addressed all of them in that language.

There was much anticipation about Modi's Mangalore rally as it was meant to lift the spirits of the ruling BJP which appears to be very demoralised in this part of the state. Modi did manage to charm the mammoth crowd which had gathered to hear him speak.

"What is pink revolution?" Modi asked, "I have heard of a green revolution, I have heard of a white revolution. But pink revolution is something new. I will tell you what pink revolution is. It is nothing but export of beef or meat. What is the Congress in Delhi doing? It is committing a sin by encouraging cow slaughter. It gives a subsidy to those who open slaughter houses and also gives them an tax rebates. They give transportation allowance for export of meat. Due to this our cattle are getting killed and our cows are smuggled abroad," he said.

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'Mr PM, what have you done for the famers?'

Last updated on: May 2, 2013 14:55 IST
Narendra Modi gestures with BJP leaders in Karnataka during the Mangalore rally

"This is a land of farmers. They are our backbone and what is this government in Delhi doing about it? Encouraging cow slaughter is directly affecting our farmers. There is shortage of cattle and this is leading to shortage of fertilizer," he noted.

"Dr Manmohan Singh, I would like to ask you what have you done for the farmers? They are not getting fertilizers and there is so much shortage, and in the midst of all this you encourage a pink revolution," Modi said to a thunderous applause from the crowd.

"Do you want the Congress to enter into Karnataka? Come on my brothers and sisters, join hands and defeat the Congress. We not only need a Congress-free Karnataka, but we need to get rid of this party in the whole country. Use all your might to defeat this Congress," he pointed out.

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'Why is our foreign policy so weak?'

Last updated on: May 2, 2013 14:55 IST
Narendra Modi greeted by BJP leaders in Mangalore

Modi also termed Sarabjit Singh's death an extra-judicial killing. The Indian prisoner succumbed to his injuries earlier on Thursday after being brutally attacked by fellow inmates at a jail in Lahore.

"There are fights in every jail, but a death row convict is supposed to be in isolation. How did someone manage to get into an isolation cell and kill him? What is our government in Delhi doing about it? The Indian government had an opportunity to make an issue out of this and exert pressure through the international community. But what did they do? They just left it all to the family who are just fending for themselves today. Sarabjit's sister is in tears and no one in Delhi cares about it. What are you doing, Dr Manmohan Singh?" Modi thundered.

Speaking on the China issue, Modi said, "I would like to ask the central government about this problem. Are you even aware what the magnitude of the issue is? You cannot tell us what is happening. Why are we so weak? Countries like Maldives and Bangladesh do not listen to us. What is the matter with our government and why is it so weak in foreign policy?"

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'Mr Golden Spoon, do you know Gandhiji's last wish was to dissolve Congress?'

Last updated on: May 2, 2013 14:55 IST
The BJP camp is upbeat thanks to the handsome turnout at Narendra Modi's rally in Mangalore

However, what the crowd loved the most was the manner in which Modi decided to address Rahul Gandhi.

"Mr Golden Spoon, you say you are a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Do you even know what was Gandhiji's last wish? It was to dissolve the Congress," he said.

Modi asked, much to liking of the crowd, "With such all-round failure, you come to Karnataka and seek votes? I think the people should show Congress the door out of Karnataka".

Over all the BJP would be happy with the Modi rally in Mangalore. They felt that his address in Bangalore gave them a better chance in the May 5 elections. They are hopeful that the same magic would happen in Mangalore as well.

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