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Rediff News  All News  » News » Cong using money power, muscle power, mafia power: Mamata

Cong using money power, muscle power, mafia power: Mamata

Last updated on: September 26, 2012 21:11 IST

Cong using money power, muscle power, mafia power: Mamata



West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in an interview to CNN-IBN did not rule out coming back with the Congress after the 2014 general elections.

Transcript of the interview

Withdrawing support from UPA-II

No regrets! I'm very happy and delighted. I'm getting the response from the people, I'm overwhelmed. I'm always with the people, whatever is the people's response, that is my response. After tendering resignation all our ministers have got encouragement from the people. That is our spirit.

Being left out alone

I'm not left out; I'm very much into the real politics. Mayawati (Bahujan Samaj Party chief) and Mulayam (Samajwadi Party leader) can bail out the government for the time being but will the people bail out or not? You have to understand the agony and feeling of the people. In a democracy people are supreme. For the time being the government may continue for three months or six months, or may not continue. But the government has lost its credential.

Stability of Manmohan Singh government

It's stable for corruption, by corruption and for corruption. It's not stable from the view point of the public. Whatever I've seen from coal-gate to FDI in retail it all happened because they tried to suppress everything. We never said anything because after Lok Sabha election we had promised that we will continue for five years. We tried our best. But it was disastrous. I can't keep quiet all the time.

We were perturbed. We did not support the coal-gate action. Some times silence is golden. I'm not taking anybody's name. We tried to see that this government should continue for five years. But enough is enough. Everyday we were afraid of what result will be coming. They will increase price, they will go for FDI and some times they will go for corruption. So they did not care about the allies.

 This government never consulted any matter with any alliance partner. Whatever they do they do it quietly. This may be a stable government in the Congress eye, but it's not a safe and sound government.

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'This government is very arrogant'

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On Congress manipulating allies

"They are using money power, muscle power and Mafia power. I don't know why. In a democratic country like ours why should I be afraid of CBI or Central government misusing its power if I take a decision? The Centre must not behave like this and the state parties have to be very careful. They used to misuse their power like anything. It's not only now but from the beginning. When we were elected in 2009 after Parliamentary election, once I called a meeting of our elected MPs. When dada (Pranab Mukherjee) was the finance minister I asked him one thing that, dada you have asked CBI to go through the files of all our MPs, have you found anything? They had no answer.

Before Assembly elections, while I was with them, they asked Income Tax Department to thoroughly investigate TMC bank account.

Resolution against FDI in retail

I've not threatened anybody. Now the political party will decide. I've not yet taken a decision as we have not discussed this matter. The party will take a decision on this matter. Without talking to our MPs and other political parties, I can't decide.

On bringing down the government

This government is very arrogant. I think all the political parties should decide. In the Parliament it depends on numbers.

On Mulayam supporting resolution against FDI in retail

"Let's see. I will talk to them, whether they agree or not. If they agree it's ok. If they agree and tomorrow don't support, that should not be (happen). They should take a stand whatever may come, then we will do it."

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'Pranab Mukherjee became President because of me'

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Presidential election

I don't regret not supporting Pranab Mukherjee initially. Because of me Pranab Mukherjee got elected.  Pranabda also knows and I know because of me raising the voice he is the President today. This was not a plan, but it happens.

Consultation over fuel price hike and FDI in retail

That's absolutely wrong. When the coordination committee meeting started the PM started talking about the problems. (In) that meeting it was not discussed. When he started talking about these topics, I said don't bulldoze us or don't impose all these things on us. He did not clarify anything; it was just a goody-goody talk."

Once this issue was raised in Cabinet meeting, Dinesh Trivedi walked out. They did not listen to Dinesh Trivedi. Dinesh Trivedi said that he wanted to give a note of dissent.

Mukul Roy's presence at the meeting on diesel price hike

It's absolutely wrong. It's the Congress intention to mislead the people.

On Congress reaching out to TMC

Nobody contacted us. After the decision (is) taken why are they saying? Why were they not contacting before the decision (was) taken. I won't say anything against Sonia Gandhi because of my personal relationship. I had sent a message to Sonia Gandhi on 14th September. But I should not disclose the details. I knew this will happen. I said Sonia Gandhi, ma'am please save the alliance. I told her we can't support on this matter. She did not try to contact us." 

 This is our commitment in the manifesto and I can't cheat the people.

 Breaking away with the Congress

It's bad propaganda by the Congress people. Nothing was decided earlier. I was at the President's meeting, there was a civic reception in West Bengal. While I was returning from Netaji indoor stadium I got a message from the press people about the price hike and FDI in retail. I was so shocked."

We did not ask from this UPA-II government to give us a governor or any other charge what they consult with the state government. We even don't have a party office in the Parliament.

Our party is a pro-people party. They should have thought at the time of forming the alliance. That time they also knew that this is our commitment to the people. We can't ditch the people. Whatever we said before the election, we are keeping our words.

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'Will be happy to be part of a federal front'

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On TMC endorsing FDI in its 2009 election manifesto

That's wrong. Lok Sabha election happened in 2009. In 2007 my party had brought a private member's resolution against FDI in retail in the West Bengal Assembly. That time Congress and CPM (Communist Party of India-Marxist) were together supporting this.

A section of press is getting money from the Congress party. So now days they don't cross check.

On an early election

Whenever we will go into election, they are now 16; (will) they even get a single seat without our help? If election is today we are ready for that. We are ready for tomorrow and day after also.

On UPA-II government's credibility

They have lost moral right and democratic right to rule. In India we don't have a Presidential form of election. If there is an election, people will directly give you the reply.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not a grassroot man. He has always come from the Rajya Sabha. Why this decision on FDI in retail without passing it in the LokSabha? While Pranab Mukherjee was the finance minister it was the assurance that without consultation and consensus this decision won't be taken.

The Parliament was not functioning for (because of the) corruption issue. Who was to be blamed for this...the ruling party only. Don't blame the MPs.

Alliance with Congress in the state

Three months earlier there were civic body elections. The Congress contested against us. We contested alone but we won the election. We are not dependent on them, they are dependent on us. They have already left us, we are happy."

There they have to depend on the allies. But in the state we are single largest party and we are not dependent. In Bengal I've not broken (with them), but they. We are self sufficient.

Regional federal front

"I will be happy to do it. If the regional chief ministers can sit together for the future of the country, I will be very happy. That's the best for the country. India should run from different parts of the country. That's a good thing....we have already decided on federal front. I think states should be more powerful.

Before next general election chief ministers can sit together. I will be very happy to see that. 

On possibility of early elections

The UPA government will present a populist budget in March 2013 and will go in for snap elections immediately after that.

On supporting Congress in 2014

I can't say about tomorrow's strategy. The party will have to decide. I can decide today's strategy. But I'm fed up with them. I can't give my individual opinion. I've a party with me and I have to take them into confidence.

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