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Batla House encounter fake? Digvijay says yes, PC says no

Last updated on: January 12, 2012 23:06 IST
Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh

Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Thursday stuck to his claim that the the Batla House encounter in New Delhi was "fake" even as Home Minister P Chidambaram insisted that the gunfight between security forces and terrorists was "genuine".

Singh also said that now after the lapse of so much time, he feels a judicial inquiry into the episode is not possible.

"I stand by the opinion I formed two-three days after the encounter after knowing all the facts. I stick to my stand on it," he said when asked about Chidambaram's disagreeing with his contention that the 2008 encounter was fake.

Terming it as his personal opinion, Singh wondered how can five six bullets hit somebody in the head in an encounter.

At the same time, he said he does not doubt the courage and the sacrifice made Delhi Police Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma who was killed in that counter.

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Batla House encounter fake? Digvijay says yes, PC says no

Last updated on: January 12, 2012 23:06 IST
Home Minister P Chidambaram

Asked about the Home Minister's views, Singh said "He has more facts and also has the government reports."

Singh recalled that he had also approached Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for a judicial probe into the incident following which an inquiry by National Human Rights Commission was conducted but during the investigations, the "aggrieved parties were not called, which was not proper".

Asked whether the issue was closed for him, he said "the issue of getting justice to all these 26 boys as speedily through a free and fair trail is now our topmost priority. That we are demanding and we shall do it," he said.

"Now, the priority is ensure a speedy judicial process in the matter" he said.

Batla House encounter fake? Digvijay says yes, PC says no

Last updated on: January 12, 2012 23:06 IST
Members of Rashtriya Ulama Council hold a placard as they take part in a protest against what they call a fake encounter, in New Delhi

Singh had raked up the Batla issue in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday in which he said he always believed that the Batla House encounter was "fake" and had tried to get government and the home ministry to investigate the matter but did not succeed.

"The prime minister and the home minister were of the view that the encounter was true. That's why I did not press it further," Singh had said.

Dismissing Singh's claim, Chidambaram on Thursday said the encounter was indeed genuine and there was no scope for reopening the case.

The home minister said that it was the view of Digvijay Singh from the very beginning and he (Chidambaram) respected his (Singh's) view.

"But every authority who has looked into it (the case), has agreed that it was a genuine encounter. So, while there is a difference of opinion, I think the matter rests where it stands today. I don't think there is any scope for reopening that matter," he said.

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Last updated on: January 12, 2012 23:06 IST

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