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Agenda for Modi: Make India the new China

Last updated on: June 28, 2013 14:11 IST

Photographs: Reuters had asked its readers to set an agenda for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to achieve his dream job of becoming India's prime minister.

We had asked our readers to suggest a 5- or 10-point agenda for Modi to implement to cover what looks like a yawning chasm between him and the winning post.

We are overwhelmed to receive thousands of responses. We present the third part of the suggestions from our readers. More will follow in the days to come.

Part 1: Readers' agenda for Modi: 'Prove to Muslims you are secular'

Part 2: Readers' agenda for Modi: 'Don't speak of Ayodhya or Ram Mandir'

If you have not yet sent in your suggestion, please do so here

Ishwar Gurnani
There are various states in south and also in north east, where BJP has no presence at all. Modiji should try to make BJP's presence felt all over India.

Jinesh K J

I believe it's impossible for Modi to become prime minister especially since most people outside of Gujarat is wary of his political history. Sorry!

Navin Kumar

1. Develop a strong 5 year development plan for India and effectively convince the people for it. 2. Strong effective campaigning in Hindi belt. 


'Have an out of the box strategy for Congress'

Photographs: Reuters

Ratikanta Samal

1. Educated class supports Modi. IT employees have a very good trust for Modi. So first ensure these people vote, if they vote, they will vote for BJP. Make small campaigns infront of big it/non IT companies.

2. Select some urban seats and stand very good candidates, particularly where BJP has no base. Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Vizag, Bangalore, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

3. Highlight that a small party worker can become pm/president in BJP, no dynasty.

4. Ask Rahul's youth leaders, why they have not taken any responsibilities in last 10 years and proved that they are good leaders. Lot of events occurred like CWC, why Rahul's youth brigade did not take charge. No one in his team comes from farmer's family, all are sons of prominent personalities/leaders.

5. To whom Rahul is asking question in his speech, he has the full authority, why did not he do these.

Sunil Singh

Firstly Modi should try to rejuvenate the BJP cadre who till this time was looking for strong leader.

Secondly unite the party which this time is looking as broken house.

Third, Modi should knock the Congress stronghold with out of box strategy.

Fourth he needs to develop the charisma that he has developed in Gujarat by precariously putting his foot forward according to situation.

Fifthly everything is fair in love and war, so go with full energy to defeat Congress the nation is with you don’t miss this opportunity


'Abolish death sentence; make peace with Pakistan'

Photographs: Reuters

Srinivas Cherukumilli

Call on all strong, good and clean politicians, irrespective of party, to join BJP and support the cause of anti-corruption and India's development.

Jai Prakash Gupta

BJP (Modi) should play positive roll during election campaign. They must present road map of development and creation of employment.

B P Shrivastava

1. Aggressive campaigning, a mix of Hindutva & equal treatment to minorities.

2. Clear cut goal & road map for high economic growth, jobs, no corruption.

Vijay Kaul

1. NaMo should prepare big ticket projects and agricultural development. NaMo should argue how he will implement them without corruption ad on time.

Kamaljit Singh Garewal

Double the no. of judges, by a transparent & fair method. Appoint Ethics Commissioners before Lok Pals. Abolish death sentence. Make peace with Pakistan


First win elections by winning in all major states, including Bihar. Then population control, agriculture, education, rural, development.

Mahendra Sapa

Bring back the 3 main topics, minus any confrontation - 1) Article 370, 2) Uniform Civil Code, and 3) RamTemple. Plus solve Bihar's flood problem.

Indu Chid

Reduce Corruption, connect major rivers, help small farmers, min one employed person per family, one policy for all, improve infrastructure on zonal basis.

Gokul Agarwalla

1. Stick to the Development Agenda aggressively

2. Explain your inclusiveness formula as clearly as possible for all to understand. 


'Every Indian should feel India Shining'

Photographs: Reuters

Prashanta Kumar Mohapatra

1- Prepare a list of all riots happen in/outside Gujarat since 1947. Make it clear as Congress not secular. Looters be behind bar if Modi come as PM


More than development, first need to remove corruption from the root Pass jan lokpal bill Give 100% autonomy to CBI

Anil Agrawal

1. 21st Century will be remembered for communication. Gone are the days when people used to wait longer and longer. So this development must be used to remove bottleneck in our whole system.

2. Job creation for all by bringing technologies and skill development institutes in big way at District level for manufacturing sectors.

3. Upgrading technologies in farming sectors to increase yield per Acre to improve life of agricultural worker

4. Declare the team of eminent people who are interested to serve at different level and not directly belonging to any political parties at State and district level who will participate in project of national and local level importance Like Education, Health and infrastructure

5. Fair distribution of Anaj under the scheme "Kam Ke Badle Anaj" like in Vajpayee Govt.

6. Bring law to reduce the no. cases of small and petty nature in courts so that people engage more in productive use. Special Fast track court where public money is involved and also fast track court for crime against women to deter the crime. Development of Police forces to tackle crime and providing police officer latest equipment to connect them selves with HQ to pass information in time and also provide them good service condition in terms of salary so that they can provide correct information without fear and depending on others money. Improve safety of people at Borders to more align with party at Centre.

Rajeev Sharma

1.Law and order situation including rapes.
2.Population control by introducing rewards/benefits.
3.Bringing back money from foreign Banks to India

Sumit B

1. Good Governance 2. Stability 3. Every Indian should feel "India Shining" 4. Infrastructure development not on paper and for whole India.


'We should be the new China'

Photographs: Reuters

Dr Nitin Patil

Strong patriotism, feeling of security in the minds of minorities, corruption free India, low inflation rate, internationally powerful India, strict rule of law.

Manoj Kumar

BJP has to perform exceptionally well in UP and Bihar. (UP-40 Seats and Bihar-30) including winning 80 percent seats in Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Maharashtra.

Prashant N

Cadre should go from house to house & speak about development what has been done & what could have been done & cover the complete nation by 2014.

Rajesh Sinha

He should prepare crack teams from BJP and RSS to campaign his agenda for youth, progress and development amidst the rural population of the country.

Rajendra Gargav

1) Interconnecting of all major rivers in India (Pending project). 2) Increment in Overall Indian water table. This shall give improvement in Agriculture.

Sanjay Khandelwal

Modi need to start Election Campaign from Now across the country and lay full focus on Andhra, UP, WB, Orissa, Haryana, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.


Bring black money, put Robert Vadra, Sonia behind bars for years, generate employment for youths, law against match fixing n rep tax cuts to save more money.

Karan Raghuwanshi

1) Plan for Bihar - Odissa and Bengal. 2) Country vision for 2025. 3) forging good relation with china and implementing some Chinese policies in India.


Security, economy, job creation, influence in foreign affairs, military equipment export, India should be more influential to the world.


Congress has duped the whole nation in the guise of secularism. Let Modi act for upliftment of our great nation and we should be the new China.


'Play the development and Hindu card'

Photographs: Reuters

Dr Saurabh Ranjan

1) New reservation policy: each SC/ST/OBC category to get 10% each reservation in all institutions that comes to 30% total. 10% reservation for any caste 1st child whose family sponsors 1 underprivileged child of society. If they sponsor 2 children till college education, their two children will each get 10% reservation. This simple step will forever change the contours of India's socio-economic demographics.

The advantages of this policy: The affluent will try to sponsor atleast 1 child each from poor class, orphans, thereby seeking 10% reservation for their own child...this will not only create a sense of satisfaction for having done something for india/society but will also lead to coherence, sense of pride, one-ness among various castes...this will also solve the problem of poor/reservation as society will take care of education and study of its brethren and will lead to amalgamation of no extra cost to the state exchequer...this will have fabulous results.

This was just a nascent thought that struck my imagination, but it needs careful backup and understanding for groundswell support but I am sure this will be a phenomenal idea once placed on ground.


24 Hours Electricity in India Linking of Rivers for water problem All round development gurukul education & military training, unemployment solutions.

Ali Gupta

Remove corruption and improve infrastructure of Nation. Road and Land department need to be at par with those of USA.

Sunil Rai

Narendra Modi should come to West Bengal and do a number of rallies and promise to people that he wants to rebirth the Azad Hind fouz.


Play the development & Hindu card. We are sick of so called secularism and appeasing the minority community. 


'Give alternative vision, not ideas'

Photographs: Reuters

Manoj Solanki

1. To stop corruption 2. To bring back Black money from outside India 3. To implement the project which Vajpayee could not able to implement

Rakesh Kumar Singh

1. Start taking the lead, build momentum. Do not wait till elections are announced. It is surprising that a party which is in power for 10 years have started preparing seriously and there is no such indications from BJP.

2. Go for a positive mandate, we all know what is wrong with UPA, No need of wasting time criticizing Congress.

3. Give alternative Vision, Not ideas but Vision of India in “2020” & “2025”. It must be explained in simple terms and identified by some physical changes which people can visualize.

4. Think about a State wise/Constituency wise Manifesto. It is not a fad. This time the real fight is with regional parties. How can you fight local parties with only National agenda? Give a time bound commitment after serious thought. Modi has credibility as a man who will deliver. Promise, Prove & win them forever.

5. Do not waste time on prepoll alliance. Everyone is sensing an opportunity and perhaps no one will spare a single seat for BJP in 2014.

6. Declare that henceforth BJP will fight each & every seat from Loksabha to Panchayat in all districts in India (except where ally is fighting). As a person looking up to BJP, I would prefer it to be pan Indian in true sense. There is no other way BJP can become true alternative to Congress.

7. Out of 543 seats BJP has won in at least 200 different seats since 1989. Create 3 teams for entire election. One for these 200 odd seats where it will be a mater of life & death for election management team. Second team should focus on those seats where BJP contests but has never won in last 25 years. The third team will focus on all the seats from where BJP has never contested. This effort will not go waste and will pay rich dividend in next state polls.

8. Create an environment where you are seen to be contesting seriously on 300-325 seats. That positive mood will make several fence sitters to switch to BJP.


'Talk about 110 crore Indians, not 6 crore Gujaratis'

Photographs: Reuters


BJP should stick to their ideology. Concentrate on your strength areas than indulging in appeasing all sections. We want to see change & Modi as PM.

Prahallad Panda

These are the few points for the magic figure 272

1. Narendra bhai has to clarify/convince people of india that he has no hand in 2002 case. So that all the critics will shut up there mouth.

2. Keep close contact with regional parties like BJD, AIADMK etc.

3. Convince people that Congress party is a corrupted party.

4. Target all the states, all the seats strategically give the ticket who can able to win at any cost.

5. Try to reach in remote areas where BJP is not efficient.

6. Give ticket to Muslim good candidate at Muslim majority area.

7. Give right direction to all workers so that they can motivate people.

Anant R Ghorpade

As a common man point of view, Need to improve drinking & agricultural water supply in rural places for that built water dams, avoid huge water wastage during rainy season. Enhance electricity & services. Stop corruption. As Gujarat make roads each & every villages. Stop infiltration from neighbouring country & also terrorism. Educate all children. Reduce population by making law for all the Indians that kids must be 1 or two, even no more than one wives. Start industries in rural area to reduce flow towards urban. Its look very weird that after 65 year of Independence we still having problem of water, electricity, roads, poverty.

Darpan Nillay

1. Make the Rupee fully convertible. 2. Check the inflation and bring the price of daily use commodities down. 3. Improve the infrastructure

Vipin Baria

*Youth empowering *Corruption free-appoint lokayukt in Gujarat *Education *visible policy for middleclass upliftment *Harmony for all castes n creed

Madanmohan Jakkam

1) Road & Electricity for each and every village 2) OneHospital for combined villages population of 100,000 population 3) Give full education.

Vinay Jha

Development, agriculture, Jobs, Inflation,  Should talk about 110 cr Indian less about 6 crore Gujartis. Shouldn't highlight Gujarat such a way that other states get hurt.

Dinesh Babu

Nationalisation of water & power resources, Revolution in agriculture. Promote unity (one India), Develop tourism, corruption-free transparent government.


'Win the confidence of minorities; be humble and sober'

Photographs: Reuters


Unite all Hindus under the BJP banner and gain confidence of other minorities for their development. Expose the political induced threat for minorities.

Siraj M Attari

Win confidence of minorities, be humble & sober on public platforms, highlight his own achievements rather than bad mouthing opposition.

Sai Krishna

Please remove corruption in police selections. We all know each police post goes from lakhs to crores. Once this is done everything will fall in place.

Anandavelu V

1.Corrupt free Country 2.Give importance to agriculture country 3.Connect rivers across the India 4.Improve the education system 5.Better Governance

Shridhar Shenoy

First he must try to establish stable govt. Try to curb inflation, corruption. No communal agenda of his or of BJP. Should see that people get LPG.


Frist he should apologize for the Gujarat genocide. Only secular can be the head of democratic country, so try to become secular. 

G P Meena

Ensure the implementation of Common Civil Code, better education system, family planning, transparent policy & modern farming.

Vineet Rathi

1) Needs of Rural India 2) Promoting Heavy Industries (Arms, Aircraft mfg etc) 3) Revamping Govt structure 4) Easing Taxation structure 5) Inflation

Satish Hegde

1) Bring Lokpal - UPA 2 failed to bring lokpal. People are fed up with corruption & surely will vote for those people who bring LOKPAL.

2) Free CBI from govt clutches. 


'Chart out a realistic party manifesto'

Photographs: Reuters

Manjunath S

1) Contest maximum seats across all 543 seats. Post poll alliance is better than pre-poll alliance.

2) Give utmost priority to constituencies where BJP has no/less presence like NE/WB/other states etc.

3) Candidate Selection: Choose Educated, Non corrupt, and hardcore party workers who believes in Party polices and agendas rather than loyalists or Power hungry candidates.

4) Chart out realistic party manifesto which helps building the nation, provide all basic amnesties to all the people, economic reforms, strong military, linkage of rivers, electricity, Jobs, Industrial growth, Railways, Road transport, Infrastructure etc.

5) Travel across all possible constituencies and meet all low level party workers to boost the morale of the cadre.

6) Stick to the principles and do not deviate from the commitment.

7) Educate all the voters through all possible medium and make them realize their goals and efforts and building a strong nation.

8) Do not give hasty statements in media. Think before you act. Campaigning shouldn't be only blaming the ruling party.

9) Keep the same aggression and morale. We love that!!

Virupaksh Patil

1. Go for allies (BJD, AIDMK, YSR Cong, TMC 2. Go for nationwide tour to convince the people 3. Work hard in MP, Rajasthan, Delhi, Bihar, Karnataka.

Piyush Gautam

Present real development plans, when you go for campaign. DO as much as for farmers like make storage house for grains etc.

Dhananjay Singh

People have lost the faith in the system. If he can restore this some how would help India as a whole. Make govt people accountable by law and force.


Tell Muslims that Congress is fooling the community, how corruption/inflation going to help anybody. India's progress with NDA with benefit all.

Amit Kumar

Transparent Governance, Infrastructure & Industrial growth, Power Sector, Strong LokPal Bill, Economic Reforms, Control Inflation, River Linking.

Vivek Jaju

Unite states to maximize resource utilization, corruption free India, Better Risk Management techniques, Dealing with terrorism, creating employment. 


'Don't get embroiled in 'secular' politics'

Photographs: Reuters

Rajkamal Agarwal

Development for all, control on inflation, 0% tolerance on corruption, education and employment, no compromise with caste and religion politics.

K Pothiraj

a) bring black money of Indians from Swiss banks b) control price raise & inflation c) eradicate corruption d) put Indian economy on right path

Manish Kedia

Black money to be brought back to the country

Bring a law to recover money from scandals

Growth of the country

Inflation to be reduced

Sanjoy Das

Do not bother for NDA. Go ahead with your dream. Hindustan wants you to see as Pradhan Mantri. So called secular India may not, please go ahead.


Fight elections on development plank. Don’t get embroiled in politics of communalism and secularism.

Mangesh Kulkani

Ask Rajnath to declare Modi as PM candidate. Force Advani to retire from active politics, if he confronts and damages party prospects, suspend him.


Don't focus on caste and religion, focus must be your achievement. Don't Blame Congress every time. Talk about how we will grow by money and development


Get rid of Advani, Sushma, Jaswant. Build relationships of convenience with Mayawati, Jayalalitha like Atalji. Third, do not over expose

Jayanti Patel

Modi should not mind about what other people/party think about him. He should work on how he can make India free from terrorism and corruption.


'Assure us that your development is India's development'

Photographs: Reuters

Bhaskar Poojari

1. Stop commercializing education. Education for all. Bring back Sanskrit language in schools all over Bharat. For the present can start with Std. I also from Std VI. Gradually every Bharatiya will know Sanskrit. English should be taught as international language. Defence education is must.

2. Declare all rivers and power generation as National assets. Canalise water all over Bharat.

3. Make infrastructure stronger. All villages must be connected with road and rail.

4. Do away with reservation on caste basis and religion. Reservation for economically weak class only.

5. Industries should not be concentrated at one place. Shift few companies to small cities so that crowded cities are decongested.

6. Do away with licence raj. Single window clearance for industries and construction companies. Let the companies start; permit procedures can follow.

7. Corruption should be viewed on the same lines and murder and rape.

8. Defence and Police personnel should be paid well.

9. Reduce taxes. Assets disproportionate to income should be enquired into.

10. Press, CBI, CAG, CEC should be made independent. Above all, there must be Lokpal.

Dr Muralidahra KS

Inculcate dream into youth. Assure that your development is India's development. Call all sections of society into mainstream development.

Piyush Gautam

1. Age between 18-35 are Modi lovers, Because all are almost connected with media. BJP should now focus to rural areas or villages where Congress is strong.

B K Singh

1 Black money back to India. 2 Rural Development. 3 Unemployment problems

N K Tanna

Modi is the only bold and clean face politician in present scenario that can handle the critical situations and take India towards No 1 country.

Suresh Rai

1. Declare Modi as PM candidate at the earliest.

2. Immediate find the ally party such as AIADMK MNS KJP TRS and BSP.

 3.No minority and majority appeasement

Ramakrishna Adhikari

1) Corruption free India. 2) Complete evacuation of Maoist. 3) Economic development. 4) Linking the major rivers. 5) Modernization of police force. 


'Tell India how you will reduce corruption'

Photographs: Reuters

R K Patra

We need justice in all respect. Lokpal bill required. Corrupt free country. Economic growth. Equal law for all society.

B Mahendra

My suggestion are: Call back or reunite the old leaders who were left BJP for any reasons.e.g.Yediyurappa & many others. Support Telangana.

Sunil Tripathi

Modi should stick on Hinduism but should not criticise other religion. Public are fed up with UPA government that given us scams. Modi has to raise the point such corruption, scams, mahgai, poorness etc that has been gift of Congress sarkaar. Apart from there is another issue is India's international face that has been worse and weak.

Sunil Nindra

1. Compulsory free education upto graduation level for all SC/ST/OBC/Muslims and other minority people in govt. school/colleges/university.

Jigar Ajmera

Highlight to whole India how he will reduce corruption. This will be challenging as he will face obstacles within and outside party - Minority constitutes 20 percent voter bank, why does no one talk the rest 80%. Forget minority-majority; rather focus on development, destruction of corruption and ease with which corrupt get away and finally national security. Even Maldives does not consider India seriously! Go offline and be more onsite. Visit constituencies, let those in south and north east know who Narendra Modi is.


'Acquire acceptability inside party and outside'

Photographs: Reuters

Sheo Prasad Shukla

As the things stand today, Narendra Modi does not deserve even to aspire for the PM's post. If he wants to become PM one day, say after 20 years or so, he must transform himself completely, in thinking as well as in behaviour and in the way at looking at things and issues.

Under the present situation, he is likely to reduce the BJP to one of the regional parties in the near future. If he wants to become PM one day (which may take about 20 years), he must do the following:

(1) He must prove that he is secular not only in thinking but in his conduct also.

(2) He must immediately dissociate from RSS and BJP.

(3) He should do away with all his arrogance and should learn to respect others and their way of thinking. He must acquire acceptability not only in his own party but outside his party and in public.

(4) He must accept publicly that during the last 12 years of his chief ministership of Gujarat, he has only harped on the asmita of Gujratis and done nothing to help the poor people of the state. Only a drumbeat of development was made.

(5) He must start to learn lessons in "positive thinking". People of this country are very mature and do not give any weight to your criticism of others unless you yourself prove to be really capable to deliver.

Sunil Sharma

Diplomatically regret 2002 incident on media. Formulate plans to curb food grains rot in government godowns. Enlist plans for youth education and employment.

Bijit Das

Focus on development & creating jobs. Infrastructure development - road, rail & power generation. Transform education and healthcare.

Pankaj B Trivedi

Make it growth versus pseudo-secularism and growth is the only solution to all problems. Communicate to Muslims that BJP has nothing against them.


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