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Yoga, the way to a healthy health ministry!

Physical fitness, believes Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Renuka Chowdhury, is like charity. Both begins at home.

And so, the good minister has decided to put her house -- the health of her family, to be more precise -- in order before she tackles the nation.

Thus, we have -- or, will have from the start of October -- yoga sessions at the ministry. Free.

"It will ensure the staff is health conscious and fit," said Chowdhary.

To start with the yoga centre would accommodate 30 to 40 employees at a time. "We will open it later to employees of other ministries too," Chowdhary promised.

Asked about the reason behind this sudden spurt of health-consciouness, Chowdhury quipped: "People go to health centres and pay hefty sums to keep themselves fit. We are providing it free of cost, right at their work place! Don't you appreciate this?"

Sure we do.


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